Hey there. I have been an on and off again photographer. About 3 years ago, I took up photography again (digital this time). I have been trying to post a photograph a day on TLF. I started with a Canon S1IS, for the first year. Many of the pictures here were takend with that camera. Later I purchased a Canon 20D along with four lenses, and some accessories. I use two post-processing software products: Picassa (Google) and Photoshop CS2. I have no particular style or subject, however I am drawn to landscapes, wildlife, sports, architecture, event photography, and photojournalism (anything to get me out of the house). I enjoy helping others get started, so if you have any quesitons about photography or my work I will be glad to help you. Recently upgraded to the 50D, when my 20D gave up the photographic ghost. It made it about 75K actuations, which is exactly as expected.