Nikon D90 Camera Review

Jan 02, 2009 12:19 AM EDT

Love this camera! The first time I held it, it just fits perfectly. The design, weight and user friendly buttons is simply great.

My Nikon D90 came with an 18-105mm F3.5 VR lens. Perfect for me because it's an all around lens. I mean for daily use it's awesome. Once you get to navigate the features of the D90, you'll be totally overwhelmed. It has some features of the D700 and D3 except for the price. In-camera tweaking is standard. You can trim, color enhance, and cross filter, without using Photoshop. If you get the settings right, what you see is what you want to get.

I highly recommend this product for serious photographers. It is very reliable, consistent and creates stunning pictures.



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