Canon EOS Digital Rebel 300D

Jan 06, 2008 11:27 PM EDT

Review by Jas

I have been using the Canon Rebel 300D, since 2005. I bought it as a second digital camera, moving up from a small compact digital which I used previously. I only have the 'kit' lenses at the moment, which are an EFS 18-55mm and an EF 75-300mm. Since I am still very much an amateur, I think these are quite adequate for a beginner. I would like to acquire a macro lens, as one of my passions is flower photography.

The camera is very user friendly and the images produced are of a good, all round quality. When using the zoom 75-300mm lens, it is difficult to get fully focused shots at full zoom without using a tripod. You can buy other makes of lens to fit the Canon, at greatly reduced prices, in comparison with the Canon brand. The 18-55mm lens is great for most situations and has produced good results when taking macro shots.

Review by Lulu

I am very happy with the quality of this camera but then I am no expert. It's only 6mp but I get better shots than with my little compact camera which is 8mp. I certainly would recommend this as a starting out DSLR.

Review by Bubbalinn

The Canon Rebel 300D is a very nice low end DSLR. It takes great photos even with the kit lens. It takes a little time to learn where the different settings are and seeing the small fonts in the daylight is a little hard. What is nice is there are tons of lenses that you can pick up for the Rebels and they are cheaper than other brands. There is a problem with the shutter where they are breaking sometimes at around ten thousand shots. It cost around two hundred dollars to have it fixed, so maybe getting a extended warranty might be a good idea if you take a lot of photos. It is a little larger camera than the new Xt and XTi models. If you have small hands this might not be the camera for you. The battery life is really good, I can take photos all day long on one battery unless I use my image stabilizing lens then it takes two batteries. For the price this is a great camera.



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