Hi I love taking pictures of everything.I am always seeing things I want to photograph.I love to go on nature hikes just looking for intersting things.I take my camera everywhere.I have bought every type camera looking for THE ONE and I like my canon.But I just bought a kodak just to see how it works out.I love to create things different.Something I haven't seen done,just for fun.But I love tree photos,the lone tree standing strong and alone in a wide open space.I love sunset and sunrise.Inspiring.Something that causes you to pause and look twice at.I like macro shots and shadow photos, I could go on and on.So thats a little about me.I wake up thinking what I could take a picture of today.I love taking pictures my son and grand baby girl.They get tired of me chasing them around with the camera sometimes.But they are always saying, Let Me See!SO thats enough about me.