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A macro of a winter rose (helibore?). These are nearly finished for the season.


Guest - Sep 14, 2005 01:39 AM EDT
great to hear back from you Lulu and to know that you are still here : ) and hope the others are also. yes, you're right, about getting the "hits" on the photos, despite not always comments. guess some don't feel comfortable commenting. feel free to dump my earlier comment if you wish. Just wanted to contact you to let you know you were all missed etc. will be intouch. ttyl Alandra
Guest - Sep 14, 2005 12:53 AM EDT
Thanks for your comment Alandra. I just wanted to tell you I am here to stay! I love this site but am quite busy at the moment. I'm not worried with contests. I know I like my photos and thats all that matters. It would be nice for someone to give some constructive criticism though as to how I may improve some of them. If you look at my old photos, you can certainly see that I am learning something. Thanks for being a regular visitor to my gallery and I will make for of an effort with other peoples in the future. I've realised that my photos are still getting looked at (not bad scores either if I may say so myself) just not commented on. I guess there are plenty of people in the world that are just as busy as me. At least people are still visiting our galleries, even if they may not have time to comment. So I just want to say a big THANKYOU to everyone who has looked at my gallery - I really appreciate it, especially you Alandra.
Guest - Sep 13, 2005 03:27 PM EDT
Hi Lulu, have come "looking for you" as have missed seeing "you girls from NZ" here lately, and was going to post to the "list" asking after you, but then realized, if you don't get the listmail, that's no point : ) - so came here to leave you a message. Hope you see it. Not to worry about the contests, - please don't feel that way, your photos measure up to anyone elses' in the group, - it's all a learning process anyway, right? - altho understand what you mean, as felt the same way also when new here, and it took quite a while before any of my pics "placed" in the contests, and the same with most people who enter. and even now, after me being here over a year, --in the last contest, my photo didn't win anything, and I often don't "place" at all. I was hoping you'd join in, as it was so nice to have "new life" in the group. also know what you mean about the lack of comments, - noticed this also at the start, - infact, when I first joined, the comments were even more sparse : ) It really surprised me how few the comments were a year ago, couldn't believe it for a photo group. Anyway, I hope you will all decide to return, as I for one, sure miss you! bye for now, Alandra
Guest - Sep 06, 2005 05:52 AM EDT
Thanks for your nice comments Alandra and Mel. We have lots of winter roses growing around here. I've given up on calling them by their proper name as I can't spell it. As far as the monthly competitions, I think that Mel knows about them but I'm not too sure what its all about and neither is Shirree I'm guessing. I think there are too many great photos from great photographers on here though for me to go into something like that. Wouldn't have much of a chance so may as well just save my time for taking more photos. Its really only a hobby that Mel got me started in on again. She wants to do it for a living, but I'm just happy with what I do and playing around on my computer. I'm going to learn some new tricks soon though as I have just ordered a nice big book on Photoshop Elements. I'm not getting much feedback on my photos anymore so might just leave it for now and play around with some editing instead. Thanks for all your nice comments though. The little "chats" have been great.
Guest - Sep 04, 2005 06:02 PM EDT
Hi again, Lulu, am wondering if "you girls from NZ" : ) know about the monthly contests on the group? The voting is taking place right now for the August contest., think the voting ends on the 9th. Do you receive the listmail? that's where the info is given each month. Can't recall if I saw any of your entries in the Aug contest, but don't think so, so thought I'd mention it here. ttyl Alandra
Guest - Sep 04, 2005 05:03 PM EDT
very pretty, an unusual shade of pink, aren't they. Here in Canada we call these Christmas Roses - (Hellebore) There was a small clump of them when we moved here 20 plus years ago, but they disappeared. Should try to find some more, as they are very special, blooming in wintertime for us. look forward to seeing the cake decorations.
Guest - Sep 04, 2005 03:14 PM EDT
Wow, what a beauty. Has a mystical glow feel about it with the way you have focused only part of it.
Guest - Aug 29, 2005 07:04 PM EDT
To all that don't know, my sister handcrafted these for on top of my wedding cake. I will post a photo for all those to see what a wonderful job she did. I just love winter roses but these ones are nearly finished.
Guest - Aug 29, 2005 12:30 AM EDT
Lurene, Halibore's have a special significance to me since your wedding. I am very familiar with their different parts, and absolutely love them. Beautiful photo, you are so good at those flower close-ups!

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