So sad!!!!

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What a mean mother I am. I had just been photographing Lennon and his sister, Phoebe, playing outside when he stubbed his toe. His world was falling in on him and I couldn't help but take this photo.

Look at my photo entitled 'tear-stained smile' for a follow-up.


Guest - Nov 07, 2007 04:37 AM EDT
I like this,these shots do not come very often and you just have to capture the moment ,which you have,great shot ,thanks for sharing.
Guest - Jul 31, 2005 05:25 AM EDT
Poor wee Lennon. I have a photo of Bianca looking a little bit like this when she was 18 months old and fell in a box after being told off for touching (we frightened her and she fell back into the wood box). When I look back at the photo, I feel so mean that I was taking a shot and not giving her a cuddle. She did get the cuddles she needed though. Alandra's story reminds me of when I was 4 years old and at kindergarten with one of my cousins. It had been raining and our sand-pits were just huge tractor tyres filled with sand. These had filled with water and we were looking at our reflections (as 4 year olds do) and one of the other children came up behind my cousin and pushed him into the tyre of water. The poor thing ended up soaked and had to wear kindy clothes for the rest of the day. I'll never forget that.
Guest - Jul 31, 2005 12:45 AM EDT
poor soul, it must've hurt a lot, - meant to say that initially, sorry about that. Coincidence about Lenny and the fishpond incident today : ) - it's as if they forget what they're doing - they look closer and closer at the water and then "they're in"! My "Nan" (dad's mother) had a fishpond in England when we were kids, and all us kids (cousins around the same age) ended up falling in, sooner or later, lol. We'd sit on the edge and somehow forget and lean back and fall in. So when Shane (my grand) fell in to our pond, it was like "history repeating itself", looking back to byegone days in England years ago. You've got me thinking about that photo now, so will try to find it. Will hafta scan it in.(if I can remember how : )
Guest - Jul 31, 2005 12:15 AM EDT
Hi Mel, Alandra, and Whittler. He has a little skin off the top of his toe, but is fine now. He cried more every time he looked at it and saw blood. Poor wee boy. This photo tugs at my heart strings everytime I look at it. Alandra, I thought of your story of your oldest grand today while we were out. Lennon was peering into a fishpond and with his enthusiasm came close to toppling in. Thanks for sharing your story with us - I'd love to see that photo.
Guest - Jul 30, 2005 02:37 PM EDT
OUCH!!!, but you got a great shot.
Guest - Jul 30, 2005 02:17 PM EDT
great shot. for some reason, reminds me of some years ago when my oldest "grand" was staying here, and I was taking pics, turned my back and he fell in the lily pond! Pulled him out faster than he went in, then took a shot of him sitting bedraggled at pondside, still have the pic someplace, you can see the big patch of water beside him LOL
Guest - Jul 30, 2005 12:24 PM EDT
Oh poor wee Lenny. How's is toe now? Great shot though.

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