Purple Clematis

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I took this photo at a local garden centre so I could get my husbands opinion before I bought it.


Guest - Oct 03, 2005 04:22 PM EDT
Thats funny hearing that about the lens kits Alandra. I have no other lenses yet because of the price of them but I find this one sufficient. I borrowed a 300mm zoom but gave it back as my photos didn't seem that clear. Might have been the photographer though :-) Its the macros I like though. I do a bit of cropping a lot of the time to get a real closeup but it means I have to be careful on what parts of the flower are focused on. Thats where the manual focus or being able to change the focusing points comes in handy. I would never go back. Still have a 5MP kodak for times I need a smaller camera but not used it since I got this one. Oh, I will look at the camelias in your gallery. We have so many of them around here its not funny. Also, the wisteria is in flower and the big white magnolia is getting ready to as well as the roses not being far away and my cherry lane is in full blossom. Just thought you would want to know that.
Guest - Oct 03, 2005 10:45 AM EDT
lovely hearing about the sight of your camelia from your bedroom window, Lulu, - they are beautiful. I captured some pretty camelia shots from over a fence during the summer, you might like to see them here. The formation of the petals is beautiful. thanks for the lens info. This is really interesting, as have heard so often that the "kit lens" that come with the Canon cameras aren't that great, so your pics shoots that down in flames : )
Guest - Oct 03, 2005 12:58 AM EDT
Hi Alandra. Yes, all of my new pictures dissappeared when the website crashed so I never got a chance to view any of the comments. Had to upload all my latest photos again. Just as well there were only 4 but it takes ages on my slow connection. Regarding the Clematis, I never thought to look at what it was called. Its funny you say that you got to view yours from your bedroom because every time I open my curtains in the morning, I am hit with the sight of a beautiful camelia right in front of me. Thought many times of mentioning the beautiful view but never got around to it. You just gave me an excuse. Pity you lost your clematis, they are really pretty. As for the lens, I put on my pic of HooRay the possum what lens I used. It came with the camera and is just a standard 18-50mm. My camera has a macro setting but I didn't use it for either of these photos. I am prone to using the manual focus though so I get to focus on the points I want to, not what the camera wants. It was certainly a good investment getting this camera. I'm loving every moment of it.
Guest - Oct 02, 2005 03:02 PM EDT
commented on this one earlier, Lulu, but guess it got dumped by mistake. gorgeous. such a clear macro. Is it called Horn of Plenty? we had one years ago, but it died suddenly (quite a young plant) of "wilt". I just admired it from my bedroom window after getting up, and went out shortly after to take a pic, and by the time I got there, it was "gone"! Was totally shocked. I asked about the lens used, for this one and the possum pic. thanks.
Guest - Oct 02, 2005 03:34 AM EDT
Thanks Karen. This one is a really pretty colour. I already have a white clematis and quite a deep rose/pink one but the flowers are a bit smaller than this variety. I just need to find somewhere to put one and then I'm going to go and buy it. The only problem is I have found out they are frost tender which could be a problem at our place. We'll just see what happens.
Guest - Sep 30, 2005 11:22 AM EDT
You did a great job of capturing the delicate colors.

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