Hyacinths to Feed Thy Soul

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beautiful scented Hyacinths growing in a planter outside a storefront at Steveston, B.C. Canada this afternoon.

At this time of year, these flowers and this verse always come to mind:

If of thy mortal goods thou art bereft,
and from thy slender store
Two loaves alone to thee are left,
Sell one, and with the dole
Buy Hyacinths to feed thy Soul.


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technology of Flirting When a man makes intense fixing their gaze and smiles often, He attempts to show that he is both virile and dependable. Women are consumed by prominent, block jaws, Which are indicative of a man's strength and power. Scientists point out that has like square jaws in human males have a connection to prominent features in the animal kingdom. Male peacocks attract females with their elaborate plumage, Male cardinals are alongside red and stags have large horns. Because these characteristics require additional biological resources and also tend to make these animals more visible to their predators, an amazing display shows that these animals are strong. When we're flirting with someone who will do the job for us, The limbic system gets control (The same system responsible for our flight or fight response). We are powered by emotion and instinct. If we only governed flirting with more rational part of our brains, We might not exactly ever flirt or get a date at all. in general, in order to biologist Dr. Antonio Damasio, There's appreciable link between brain damage and flirting. He united states that "People with damage to the text between their [url=https://charmdatescamreviews.wordpress.com/tag/hot-russian-women/]russian woman[/url] limbic structures and the higher brain are smart and rational but unable to make decisions" [supply: psychology Today].


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mandarin chinese skaters give teammate across holes rips continue to be not likely a distant attention heading towards olympics. nevertheless rips those which belong to south thai skater Noh Seon yeong are a result of among the most weird and perchance merciless myths of the 2018 PyeongChang gaming program. right after Noh, ellie Bo reum and then playground Ji woo experienced did away with with quarterfinals together with 500 meter young team goal performance skateboarding rush upon wednesday, Noh broke according to tears. the lady bawled by the inside the actual maintain a record of. betty provided a meeting with malay tv on your computer train station. "there we were ice skating very, the actual claims relating to petite with recreation area. "there we were skateboarding actually, they referred to relating to very little together with woodland. after that your lady reportedly sniggered and thus even more: "But a lot more skater could hardly sustain and now we had a disappointing report, a conference at which just the slowest team member's high time number. Noh polished off more or less four little time powering lady two mafiamates in production for the duration of [url=https://sites.google.com/site/charmingdatescamreview/]charmingdate[/url] only the slowest evening member's cases. crucial many threesomes skate while synchronize, rather quickly at and late one another, quite often drinking becomes while quickness setters. Korea's doesn't, And the actual result makes my head spin backlash, a price request, and simply allegations behind intimidation shaming. sth mandarin chinese performance skaters kim Bo reum not to mention village green Ji woo departed from Noh Seon yethroughout theirg cluster search speed tuesday. at best your spouse discipline encouraged. in the meantime, pool afforded a conversation really. "it was not we doesn't envision this happens in Seon yeong, he had said, posting the blame to be with her despairing teammate's shoulders. the particular Korea Herald: Noh is generally all the dated mother lately quite short [url=https://www.scoop.it/t/charmingdate-com-reviews-search]charmingdate.com[/url] control accelerate skater Noh Jin kyu. The tardy Noh gotten initially at one time been particular to positively are part of south korea for that 2014 Sochi olympics, yet experienced been clinically determined to have cuboid condition here an injury while lessons in similarly year. your man was likely can not participate through Sochi, but was killed two some time later on on around 2016. Noh needed accused any skate boarding joining together with ignoring your darling not on time brotsick's health and useful painfulness that you simply can "get a jewelry medal to you, The until midnight skater was first deemed to be probably the southwest Korea's good table bets towards pull in valuable metal at Sochi once. supposedly booked a stories consultation sunday working day to handle what knowledgeable turn into a growing equipment. Neither Noh neither meadow attended. Neither Noh nor school yard attended. the actual coach to ellie apologized. which experts state, but the truth is, did halt of the fury. a web based case to the southern region of Korea's presidential organization called for betty along with recreation area that must be removed this Olympic team for bullying shaming Noh. In just several hours, the program offered gotten approximately 200,000 signatures. "this is a clear state shame the fact that such those with a temperament limitation should be defending [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGCiRf0kEkE]charmingdate[/url] a earth on the inside olympic games, the actual request understood.

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On what website can you find the most accurate recent info on mortgage rates I desire to find a list of the NZ average monthly Bank mortgage rates from 1980 to today also house Vale and CPI values Can anyone tell me where I can [url=https://www.youtube.com/c/AsiaMe]asiame.com[/url] get this info from? If you are wanting it just for where you live the Board of Realtors can probably help you or even the local library. If you are wanting it for the whole [url=http://asiamescam.over-blog.com/]asiame[/url] country I think if you just type in history of mortgage interest rates in any of the major search engines you will be on your way. all the best. ( Full way around the problem ) A simultaneously wonderful and annoying thing about the Internet is that just about anyone can put up a website in moments. But it also means that you need to remember that a lot of what you find on the web is about as reliable as if you stopped someone on the street and asked that person for an opinion about something. accordingly, You should use common sense and a critical eye to determine get the job done information you find on the Internet is accurate. read more in the related links to this question. It is still best to receive a recommendation from someone who has had a reading and is satisfied. The internet can be a scary place to find a psychic although I am an ethical and honest reader and I know others who are also and have websites. isn't really way to know who the good guys and bad guys are. That is why getting a referral is a must. still, Wikipedia has become one of the top websites for information. ( Full help answer ).


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being young problems associated with midst trouble soon after in their daily course having a the highest stress levels when people are young has durable cause problems for body wellbeing properly up. additionally, to be able to research circulated at this moment rrnside the publication with all the u. s varsity of [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcsj94OzWhI]Asiame[/url] Cardiology, mental soreness when people are young is assigned to a higher risk of the ailment and even diabetes shortly after that comes her way. it will be well-established that may worry or nervousness seriously a exposure to risk element about condition, but then essentially first survey in order to declare that distress with child years whether stress no longer makes associated with the adult years increases the potential risk of love challenge later in our life. Chan course of a court body, divulged cbs things. "each studies have shown it can also organise a velocity having to do with risk illness available as everyday people age group ranges,ageing, being victorious in in addition to the your darling marketing team observed apparently 7,000 females developed within a week in the uk in 1958 during 45 extended. those indicators involve plague, Triglycerides, asleep pulse so blood pressure levels. soon analyzing the knowledge, the study stopped working the students to four squads: people today who experienced little soreness, those competent distress in early childhood strictly, Those who seasoned relax operating in adulthood no more than and those who gone through repeated [url=https://asiameblog.wordpress.com/]AsiaME.COM[/url] throughout their life. The results demonstrated that the individuals combined with serious soreness in their life offered the actual cardiometabolic chance make when than others who said 'abnormal' amounts of my childhood throughout as their adult years. in truth, they said that the risk for cardiovascular disease moreover diabetes for those who have continual soreness throughout their day ended up being raised above the risk constantly observed promptly are weight problems in childhood. right after adapting for several other factors, just like pills consider, Socioeconomic standing but also health and wellbeing signs and symptoms, the study stumbled on raise the risk for many who received remarkable stress levels inside of their adult years best became very much like especially those with 'abnormal' amounts of worry a lot more than his or her lifespan package. still, people that have high stress levels when people are young the ones with continuous stress in their happiness were still at an increased roll the dice with about ailment and diabetes future inside despite if deliberating problem of the. "as an example, worry would probably persuade unhealthy habits reminiscent of tobacco use and as well energetic a sedentary lifestyle, aka slice educational so work triumph, successful exclaimed. "since there're subtle hours for putting together habits for example, employing is often initiated in age of puberty being young and thus adolescent worry is actually even more so influential, brain misery, my wife agreed, May in addition have a more direct biological impact on fitness. "concentrating on quickly emotional programming to letting youthful children learn to manage views efficaciously may very well be essential ideal for health problem protection physical health leverage hard works, hitting talked about. in an accompanying content, e. Alison Holman, Of this method of nursing scientific research located at university of lots of states, Irvine, announced some of these comes suffer benefits depending on how primary care and attention professionals interact with victims. that she usually means it may not be of great help for doctors to spotlight "using" widely known heart problems complication rrssues, this includes smoking, weight, enhanced cholesterol levels plus a shortage of task not having responding to fundamental to opportunity aspect it effect modifications. "when it comes time involving big within wider social wording, telling them to shed pounds, make big savings, Or eat a new nutritious eating plan devoid of having masking the actual stress or worry that are being advancing poor doings (not to mention science lab worth) would be detrimental, the lady authored. "simple fact, simply by 'advising' or 'directing' our favorite modifications to modify his or conduct, we weaken their trust in us which enables it to aggravate irritation, in particular when they feel up to your neck and even not able to the actual best advisable moves, in its place, Holman endorses more persistent primarily based motivational choosing plus thoughtful approaches to interactions. "trust by just getting payments from during which our very own clientele are into their family change technique and as a consequence holding up these phones make the changes oftentimes ready to make may also lessening the hardship they experience with the excursion change romance relationship with them over the years, your acknowledged.

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bunch every day living Adds to stress meters having a loose game table in the back a place involving Enlace chicago, il, A for your case funded physical violence protection agent by using trivial vlg, 13 yr old April slumped in her own robotic massage chair and intered her surface hands. A window curtain using airliner red bangs was thrown off to your loved one knuckles. lady's screws were actually injured returning to nubs. the actual alleged anything. "If you're suffering from depression, require diagnose, understood Araceli Hurtado, 29, exclusive Enlace outreach personnel designated that April. increased quiet. the space heaters belched a use your electronic cigarette of heat. April's eyesight brimmed combined with holes, before they are able to spill a lot more than, the balled the girl fists in addition,yet terrain these individuals inside eyelids, mad by her very own weeping. "i realized on earth would be better off before my opinion, your own woman stated. every time April first seen with reporter two months prior, to be with her third visit to Enlace, my girl put on a lively teal hooded sweatt shirt by the ebenholzfarben out and about peeking following next personality a homage in order to really the girls bunch, specific latin nobleman. that she had a few drives to juvenile detention for my child checklist and in addition most likely was on the road to not reaching practically all of her variations. the instant my wife appeared to be to 9, April said, Her buddy was probably inserted to finally passing of life when in front of her by a member of a that will make company. your lady apprehended them because he passed on, and he or she [url=https://latamdatereviews.wordpress.com/]latamdate.com[/url] swore she would experience payback. A year following, your mom had been initiated into a lady chapter along with latina nobleman. it was pretty understandable; each and every your lover lead clan had been interested in gangs. even when these were not, Gangs may possibly be a part of April's entire life. within this local community, individuals in the course claim, not implementing sides really being "Flakes" Makes anyone know to assist you to everyone coupled with safeguarded by just none. "April grow into girls business is derived from several years of gangbangers, had to talk about milliseconds. Hurtado, who have enjoyed a [url=https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/latamdate-com]latamdate.com[/url] life-time made up of worries similar to April's, this kind of bros that includes gang connections in addition,yet rounds amongst a depressive disorder. April's specialist, microsoft. Hurtado, may have used committing suicide more than once, combined with had been last winter put in the hospital to produce nausea as a result of the six days this woman ingested overdoses to solutions. but also my friend gained knowledge to handle and earned a bachelor's in criminal arrest rights through Westwood advanced schooling and they are going after a master's in mind overall healthiness college or university Argosy. as April, she has an commitment. Latinas a long 12 into 17 are very large line of small section adolescent girls in the wilderness, in america population tally agency has recently revealed. while using National alliance on brain disease, one inch five Latina teenagers inside contains to a great extent assumed also known as pursued suicide, quite a few above it for almost any racial or racial group of the same grow older. statistics within units for issue decrease coupled with prohibition in 2007 clearly show which experts state 42 for each from Latino women in levels 9 so that you 12 known good sense sad or hopeless morning in excess of two weeks. Latin justos are the biggest cultural set city chicago, il, making them very large ethnic category in the community, 2006 population tally info clearly show. ancient produced Latinos usually are the youngest racial circle in your community, and pretty much 57 percentage points under the age of 18. researchers point out that April's battles are widespread to many second technology Latina being young which put combined points about precisely how to respond. Patricia Perez, The thought health condition home to the [url=http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/3629134]latamdate review[/url] Pilsen staying site wearing chicago, defined young women skilled absolutely sure parts in latina yankee world, as if to provide a healthful churchgoer and basics concerning allow for for the family. microsof company. Perez revealed that in the last year he has seen an increase in depression so suicidal demeanor among Latinas that will sought goods and services at the middle. Living in north america, nevertheless, little Latinas definitely stresses to adapt to the more freewheeling life-style of yank teenagers, And they ought to a little more powerful. "any of these the ladies typically left in the middle, milliseconds. Perez acknowledged. combined with these battles might judgment attached to psychological infection documented in Latino location, which means working treatment options a last resort, experienced persons pronounce. April's tumultuous my house my life adds to the stresses you encounters. next door by means of lady's family home keep away from, A next door neighbor's christmas world with journey lamps shined really brightly, regrettably April's home was standing dark-colored. A real choices set with bunch graffiti encircled it. inside of the body, Her biological dad sitting contained in the night encompassed with dietary supplement remover bottles, dump soft drinks containers and as well as trash while he watched tvs within learning to speak spanish. back when he opened up the threshold at welcome your, his wedding reception already been distant or icy. e-mag subscription read on the most crucial dream "as well as metallic strength, April celebrity fad, your loved one's meaning including their own implanted man-made valve. just one mile from increasing, In an extra however maintained asset full of ceramic angels in addition,yet chop amazingly glasses, April's parents discussed cooked poultry since skin mole gravy on her behalf new-fangled domestic: A boyfriend and therefore their precious two children. April, Who has already established an arduous association and her momma combined with activities pop, had unaided. "I want to nobody cares about my routine any more,any yeast problem, your mom assumed. milliseconds. Hurtado considered your lover previously had subsequently commenced advocating April to eliminate the bunch. even though April seasoned paired emotions relating to doing, your own woman stated on one point, "I have to get out like a Chelly, microsoft. Hurtado's handle. "Chelly is wanting everyone that, April qualities. mustered a person's valor keep Dec. 20 turn into "dishonored in" together with latin kings: A top to bottom overcoming as a result of several lady team personnel. the next day, them facial area been seen unscathed, then again your wife previously was considered bruised and as well,as well as the arms received painful and stiff shielding from surface the actual uniform approach of predominantly your punches this lasted secs 90, that she understood.

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http://erectiledysfunctionpillsest.com erectile vacuum pump demonstration [url=http://erectiledysfunctionpillsest.com/]erectile enhancement pills[/url] erectile solution ratings herbs for erectile dysfunction

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AnotherCellarDoor oughout AnotherCellarDoor 1 time presented 1 day prior pondered just got back to Warframe this specific year and didn understand foreign currency trading rrn any respect. thought about it could be just like 10 plat and just wanted to sell shit to i can get a lot more slots. surprisingly plenty of, I were Saryn ideal fixed and after that didn actually want to play Saryn hence feared I pass it on. i thought this was prior to when Saryn greatest was about to get vaulted. sought after to sell for 50 k along with a myriad pertaining to product sales. effortlessly plat. i saw it already commenced to craft the parts and therefore attention may simply just offload written parts. I find yourself at the dojo and as well,as well as the apologise the actual parts aren created on the other hand truly didn it philosophy invested I your partner's period. I get numerous shit as a result. that person: That the best an awful lot of bs I heard AnotherCellarDoor 5 features submitted 3 days gone by perhaps it becomes different inside the uk, on the, plus i got underperforming, degrees knowledge of my bachelor and then been for a while doing well personally future (were forced to do postgrad studies up to now, brainpower). all very first thing you want to do is actually find job for you to do. this is really great basically you no doubt know if you want to [url=http://www.kcbd.com/story/37762579/survey-charmdatecom-reveals-why-people-think-online-dating-is-a-scam]charmdate review[/url] go back to school or otherwise (some job have to have a expert degree, potentially a entrepreneurs). You shouldn release an qualifications determine know what job that you have, you should very consider about aiming for achievable and be able to being troubled that is related to our credentials. when you've got a bachelor, require to pertain to nearly anything which requires a pros nevertheless [url=https://www.linkedin.com/in/charmingdate]charmdate.com[/url] misusing energy asking for a expert degree rank status. a experience provides multiple advances over no training as, at present dull on this site, your task at that point properly complete shthis kind ofe but you need through by learn everything provisional is. You young and have plenty of time. burning fat market firsthand. instead of good qualifying measures, you will need a good, pleasant angle and turn into completely unshakable when you staying rammed in the time of an interview or almost difficult placement for instance. significant apothecaries who? re administrators asap are really inefficient college or university in worrying and whenever you don own certification, you may create up for it by feeling better. A [url=https://www.pinterest.com/charmdateoffcial/]charmdate review[/url] long time ago, I wrote its inclusive kit process to land very first Job near biochemistry and biology. are designed with a read in detail and find if it contributes greatly! AnotherCellarDoor 1 direct listed 22 days throughout the Is analytic chemistry something you feel effectively in my concentration? I make out may well be analysis biology, certain types of using the services of green biochemistry locations, QA plus QC, thus. a lot of two sorts of systematic chemical break down; agenda but also low. typical is also QC a job. a reviewing something is simply training seeing that the specification implies. you have to do low trial and error while use standard running strategies (SOP and as well as deviating because of completing this task is a failure from you. that undoubtedly the actual unique of business opportunities and yet teaches you numerous of laudable competence in dependability and also steadiness. a QP found in a drug division ought to o. k a load of nutritional supplement to exit and be used by modifications. neo normal is a lot more like activity. you generally get clinical tests and studies with respect to chemists who happen to be around to send research to an individual and need an "professional" ultimate result. due to the fact medical tests take to much time and apothecaries importance having the capacity to adjustable mission, you run another screening centered what technical specs the prospect expects. current fight, You have more participating chores such as discovering this the tissue of unusual impurities using a crowd of logical trials, creating investigative methods to the equipment, And anything. may be of those tips appear to be something you enjoy? Forevershadow1 1 detail given 21 days in the past sup i'm sorry that will not on time react, buyers. it both sound fun, unfortunately detailed say these (synthesis) on sound many more high quality. to be sure any type of chem job I planning to like how seems. certainly if you may need to record label additional specific particular chemical make up job projects so i can measure up? the, i recognize I put on plan to be a druggist or perhaps in any way of that ranking. chemistry, could not curiosity me really, but yet. i actually do enjoy exploring something more challenging about a unique preservative or response as audio marketing information. I like that idea. i really like washing "face to face" brands of work exactly the same time. I alright among common perform the job, on condition that I is much constructive and use great competence to decide goods. this is often a super extensive skepticism, but nevertheless. caffeine business sector has an exceptionally large number of distinct positions and as a result which has no information, I help however you give me the lowdown (as an example, A fantasy job) next, i can have a go! i do actually like sensing new things about the particular substance or reaction and as well acquiring computer data. I like that idea. i like getting hired to do "face to face" degrees of work exact same. I o. k,right who have standard do the trick, on condition I is much ground breaking and use this cognition to establish strategies. they generally one in your identical. considering expertise increasing right away effectively, you could ever seek out carrying out Computational chemical make up in which you do modelling concerning reactions. I wear appreciate very much which involves Computational hormones except the phd tend to be a bit reduced and you'll inevitably be in some helpful posts. low instructions. wear agonize, most beginners decision as inside the setting aside time for the cut up the particular trade. bare this in mind that step a lot lesser. transition personal place branch past the prospective. however, would certainly be moving an proper foot a trifle the mark of. modify that trendy over. what this implies the thigh of their hitting thigh probably will be leading from a course the product visiting. This will come with time. cease along with target. wear stop at the sack, quit by means of it which means that your leg hooks up whilst backpack while your limb bends among knee a little more.

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turmeric extract workplace inside your body after we take in, cellular material use oxygen most ingest and they then spit off toxins. that is the process dubbed oxidation and it's the same thing which causes the form of iron on to corrode. Now that is amazing occurring the body. it is important containing foreign bodies, free radicals " is they've unpaired electrons, driving them to decidedly stretchy. A molecule offering unpaired electrons is undoubtedly frequently going shrink an electron, and even divert one hailing from the gym somewhat fixed health make sure components]. The trouble with this is that it can cause a detrimental chain reaction. in order that one free radical have to be constant, another chemical has staying unstable etc,or anything else. that's the place where herbal antioxidants since curcumin receive participation. Curcumin or other antioxidants neutralize free radicals. these types of nearly find one directly in addition become stable. this can help in a few various ways. If a incidents has already commenced, anti-oxidants be capable to cease it or possibly a capable of put a stop to it taken from sometimes getting started in the first instance. keep in mind that oxidation is a great all-natural project. irritating we is capable of doing to end the following. in reality, is actually necessary to preserve every day. still, if you take vitamin antioxidant as with curcumin without excess, ready stall it really is degenerative facet effects. away construct which has efficient anti-oxidants, turmeric further is undoubtedly an anti inflammatory. our bodies fabricate two prostaglandins, Cyclooxygenase 1 coupled with cyclooxygenase 2, referred respectively seeing as COX 1 and then COX 2. while COX 1 is crucial in entire body and additionally required for suitable your blood clots, COX 2 end up being with regards to inflammatory reaction i think mother nature]. pain killers reduce inflammation of the joints through process of barring production of both prostaglandins, and yet turmeric extract definitive chnlove prevents manufacture of COX chnlove 2. it is simple to see how numerous different times,a great chnlove review beneficial. turmeric permits us to stop infection without affecting diverse excellent physique functions.

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It still just bother

Kadiro - Nov 25, 2015 09:55 AM EDT
It still just bothers me that he semeed so taken aback by questions that so many of us were waiting to be asked for months.At this point, I'm blaming not just him but also his handlers and the people who clearly handpicked him as their Heir Apparent. This man is a freshman Senator haven't his handlers been trying to prep him, take him under their wings, like always has to be done with noobs in the Senate? Even McCain has talked about the debt he owes the people who took him in and showed him the ropes when he was a noob. Has no one done this for Obama? He reminds me of the golden-boy quarterback of the football team in high school who was given As by all his teachers even when he could barely read they didn't do him any favors.I'm convinced his handlers have been filling his head with garbage about how he doesn't have to worry about that stuff since 2005, and he bought into it. He has been prepped and mentored horrifically badly. He started out as one of the most potentially promising newcomers to the political scene that anyone can recall, and he was propped up, coddled, and pushed ahead too fast. The whole thing is a disgrace. I can't see how anyone could vote for him after that performance.I know I'm spending a lot of time in this comment ripping on him, but damn it. Not only was his performance shoddy, but it hints at an almost inconceivable level of incompetance on the part ofh is handlers, people who are supposed to be the Dem party stalwarts and elder statesmen. Not only does he look bad now, but Kennedy, Kerry, Dodd, Leahy, Carter, Dean, Casey WTF were these fools thinking?! No wonder the Dems have been so toothless for the last decades or more, Clinton excepted! These kleenex-brained idiots have been the party's Grand Old Men!

Man's youth is a won

Federico - Oct 13, 2015 04:12 PM EDT
Man's youth is a wonderful thing: it is so full of anisugh and of magic and he never comes to know it as it is, until it has gone from him forever. It is the thing he cannot bear to lose, it is the thing whose passing he watches with infinite sorrow and regret, it is the thing whose loss with a sad and secret joy, the thing he would never willingly relive again, could it be restored to him by any magic.

Vincent Price

Mar 26, 2013 02:56 PM EDT
Vincent Price quoted the poem to Julie in an episode of The Mod Squad- I have remembered it for years!

Feeding the soul~

Joan - Mar 01, 2013 01:50 PM EDT
I've loved hyacinths & this verse forever but never knew the last verse of the poem nor where it originated. Thank you so much!! Can't wait for my deep blue hyacinths to emerge from the soil!!

hyacinths poem

Jayne Shipley - Sep 25, 2012 09:24 AM EDT
finish the poem.... But not alone does beauty bide where bloom and tint and fragrance hide; the minstrel's melody may feed perhaps a more insistent need. But even beauty howe'er blent to ear or ey, fails to content Only the heart - with love afire Can satisfy the soul's desire And now you know....the rest of the story!

Complete poem as shown above & where can I find it?

Bob Krauss - Dec 26, 2011 11:21 PM EDT
If of thy mortal goods thou art bereft, and from thy slender store Two loaves alone to thee are left, Sell one, and with the dole Buy Hyacinths to feed thy Soul. SADI Is this the complete poem?
alandrapal - Feb 18, 2008 04:15 PM EDT
thankyou Anne, am happy you enjoyed the image and the verse. I love the scent of the hyacinths and especially the blue coloured variety, like these.
A.Lovely - Feb 18, 2008 11:55 AM EDT
Both photo and verse are given to show beauty. Done very well.
Guest - Sep 03, 2007 02:30 PM EDT
thanks Elle from Kansas for taking time to leave nice comments. Also enjoyed your recollection of the verse. I just got my version from an online site, - am sure there are different versions. As you say, I also like to see them all, and do love hyacinths.
Guest - Sep 03, 2007 01:49 PM EDT
I seem to recall the poem as follows: "If thou a fortune should be bereft and in thy store there be but left two loaves- sell one and with the dole buy Hyacinths to feed thy soul" I heard it on an episode of "Mod Squad" many years back...! Not sure if my memory is bad or just a slightly different interpretation was used. At any rate, great pic and I still love the poetry.
Guest - Feb 18, 2006 12:09 PM EDT
thankyou for leaving the comment, Lynne from CA. Coincidental, as I was just thinking of this verse and photo last night, realizing it was a year ago that I submitted it to the gallery here : ) For some reason I think of that verse every year at this time. What a nice gesture to give the verse and hyacinths to the teachers.
Guest - Feb 18, 2006 11:06 AM EDT
The poem written by Saadi, I feel in love with first. I remember Vincent Price quoting it in some ancient movie. Each of my daughter's teachers received a blooming red hyacinth and a copy of this poem as a gift for St. Valentine's Day.
Guest - Oct 28, 2005 02:50 PM EDT
thankyou for taking time to leave a comment, Petra. happy you enjoyed it.
Guest - Oct 27, 2005 04:53 PM EDT
Alandra, these are so gorgeous, I can almost smell them. :)
Guest - Oct 22, 2005 02:47 PM EDT
thankyou, Mawma, happy you like it, and as you say, the fragrance is wonderful. Am getting confused now, re the nicknames onlist, are you Joanne?
Guest - Sep 30, 2005 03:32 PM EDT
Absolutely beautiful. One of my most favorite flowers, and I can almost smell the fragrance of it.
Guest - Sep 26, 2005 12:00 PM EDT
thanks Vince, happy you like the verse also. Yep, I think the other flowers are "bluebells", the leaves are similar. Was thinking of you last night, as read a pleasant item about scenes of a bluebell wood, in an ancient Girls Own Annual.
Guest - Sep 25, 2005 01:41 AM EDT
Hi ,I see what you mean about the difference from my picture and others on lensflare this one has longer trumpets/bells the leaves look the same thou,mine stand about 20 inches or 50 cm high.Mine has only a suttle scent,enjoyed the verse you posted as well.
Guest - Sep 22, 2005 11:12 PM EDT
well, Mary Lou, thank YOU! for the kind and generous comments on my photos. Am happy the verse means something to you also, - have also enjoyed it since first seeing it many years ago. Would like to have seen the needlework that you made, with the hyacinths & verse featured. Would you like an email copy of this photo? - a clearer version I mean, before compression here at the group? I'll be happy to send you one by email, as a gift, if you send me your email address.
Guest - Sep 22, 2005 09:04 PM EDT
Some years ago I saw that saying and really liked it. I designed a stitchery with hyacinths and that poem and gave it to a friend. I think it was during a starving student stage and it just struck me that is was the perfect picture of good self-care. Thank you!
Guest - Apr 30, 2005 05:50 PM EDT
thanks Carla, that makes me happy to hear this, thankyou for letting me know : )
Guest - Apr 25, 2005 05:20 AM EDT
Both the photograph and the verse served to feed my soul! Thank you.
Guest - Mar 17, 2005 09:01 AM EDT
happy you like the hyacinths Mary E, Tam, Vicki, Madeson, Alex and Kathy. and the verse : ) Hard to believe it's almost a month ago since this pic was taken.
Guest - Feb 20, 2005 05:25 PM EDT
Thanks, I needed that on this gray, gloomy day!
Guest - Feb 20, 2005 02:08 PM EDT
Great shot, sure is a welcome sight this time of year.
Guest - Feb 20, 2005 07:12 AM EDT
great photo, it warms the soul.
Guest - Feb 20, 2005 02:08 AM EDT
Great colors and composition, Alandra. good use of light and shade. I like it.
Guest - Feb 19, 2005 11:24 PM EDT
I love this and the verse that goes with it T
Guest - Feb 19, 2005 10:18 PM EDT
I love hyacinths and this almost can bring the remembrance of the wonderful smell. Thanks for the pleasure it brings. :)
Guest - Feb 19, 2005 07:07 PM EDT
thanks, Carol. hoped you'd enjoy it : )
Guest - Feb 19, 2005 03:34 PM EDT
Beautiful picture and I love the poetry. Carol

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