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red tailed hawk on the branch gettin ready to fly


I am at a loss to un

Ravindra - Oct 13, 2015 03:26 PM EDT
I am at a loss to understand why you cotinnue to believe that he was wrongfully convicted. He was able to afford and use the best legal defense available and was still convicted. The U.S is not some banana republic with a corrupt legal system.He is not above the law just because he was able to purchase himself a Lordship.He is no more than a common felon and should be treated as such.
Guest - Feb 28, 2006 02:13 AM EDT
Hi Fella, only just got back here and finally saw all the info you wrote. Thankyou!! Great to know about the lenses you use, very helpful. love the photos
Guest - Jan 11, 2006 06:54 PM EDT
thanks carol;hi alandra..i have a sigma 50- 500mm ex telephoto lense i use most of the time for nature shots ..cause it shots fast..cam is set at a fast shutter speed to help to get clarity in pics for sharpness ..but hi shutter speed ya sufer a little in the lightin area especially lately with all or rain huh..real gray out ..than the other ones i use is a 70-300mm is canon lens a little bit slower than the 500 lens but great pics can be taken with it the 20d takes 5 pics a sec ..which works great for catchin the hawks n eagles in action which i love to see ..i take alot of pics but only a few are good ..ya know they fly off so ya pan with them but sometimes ya only get half the bird at times or lens focus on something in the background ..so i just keep the finger on the button and see what i got if there in action ,,but if there settin still ill have time to try differant settings and lenses ..also have a sigma 75 300 macro lens ..than 18-80 sigma macro lens thjan for the real closeups i use a 28mm macro lens ..and had a real cheapy tripod which didnt really support the cam with the big lens very well ..but just got a real good sturdy one from ebay which i got to try out yet ..like to get one like whittler did of the moon whith the new tripod..and other shots that may happen along if one has time to set it up in time ..sometimes i get caught in between changeing lens and the subject flys off ..hope tha answered your question ..fella
Guest - Jan 11, 2006 01:38 PM EDT
another great shot, Fella. do you have IS on your telephoto lenses?, or are you using a tripod? (thanks)
Guest - Jan 11, 2006 06:09 AM EDT
Awesome capture of the Hawk. Carol

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