Yeah gidday...Im the Bobzta.....Im a serious amateur photographer,Im self taught but have read a few books, seen millions of photos and Ive been happily snapping away for 25 years now. I have only just decided to get serious with my photography (over the last few months). Im using a digital 7.2 Panasonic stills and movie camera. I also use a 35mm Olympus iS 5000 film SLR, and a Panasonic NVGS25 for movie footage. Im trying to make my way towards, landscape photography, portraits, special events, wildlife, commissioned work, postcard production, photo manipulation and eventually I want to reside at the more arty end of the scale. I also intend to go hard with film footage as well, as I enjoy the editing process, adding sound effects and laughing over the blooper out takes etc.