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This image was drawn by an elderly lady Rose who took at least 3 hrs to finish and is an oil pastel image of my spirit guide.Sorry it isn't directly a picture of me but I'm submitted this one on it's uniquesess.
The name came as a surprise(Zork)which reminded me of Mork from Ork a tv comedy of years gone by,Rose explained to me that this guide was about 18 feet high and came from the Illumius gallaxy 300,000 light years away,the planet which he calls 'Alunia' in sector 5.The pendant hung around his neck is an energy emblem and the colors around him are emotional.


Guest - Nov 05, 2006 11:02 PM EDT
Thanks Don,the eyes have three moons in them reflecting the number of moons on his planet,apparently there are bigger spirit guides.Another comment the spirit artist mentioned was that they don't really eat but they do drink and the flavours she said where Mango,banana with a hint of passionfruit,no sugar and no aspartame which I suppose is bubbles.(sounds like a nice wine)lol. Thank you Alandra I have a pack of cards that I have only used once,prefering palm reading as a way of communicating with inner guides.(not that I am a reader as such but interested in the subject) regards Vince.
Guest - Nov 02, 2006 02:16 AM EDT
very interesting and unique, Vince, thanks for sharing this with us. I've got a set of cards of animal spirit guides, which was also fun, - haven't looked at them for ages tho'.
Guest - Nov 02, 2006 01:02 AM EDT
Cool drawing you have there KK. I like it, the eyes are interesting as is the story behind it. Mork and Mindy weren't on that long ago were they? Gosh I'm gettin old :-). I suppose if you are going to have a spirit guide, an 18 footer would be the way to go. Don

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