They Leave Me

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This is a picture taken in a beautifully lit art room. I added a verse which I wrote many years ago.

Essentially then, it is to explore the importance of time and the moment when irrevocability takes hold. Hence, the photograph depicts shadow and light; fundamental elements caused by factors outside of our control.

The fact that there is some gentle softness and brightness is aimed to hint that the unknown may not be comletely negative.


Guest - Jan 17, 2006 11:51 AM EDT
my pleasure, Mary : ) And you are doing just fine, keep up the great work. thanks also for your nice compliments, - here I was hoping I hadn't said "the wrong thing" : )- a person never knows which way comments might be taken, with the written word, as opposed to the spoken word. I was born/raised in Hampshire, btw, my parents brought us to BC Canada many years ago & have been here ever since.
Guest - Jan 17, 2006 06:58 AM EDT
Thanks so much for taking the time and interest to comment again. This is all new to me finding my way around here, so I hope I am doing it right! You have exactly what I meant with these words. And made me think more- brilliant! When writing it, I did mean one specific pain. But you are right, over time, it can apply to many.
Guest - Jan 16, 2006 11:42 AM EDT
am appreciating your writing as well as the photography, altho the writing is very "sombre" : ) and also very strong and "deep", - To me it is more about "loss" and grief, but can see your meaning about time. The thought about "pain with no shape" is very real and a good description. But am not sure if you mean there are endless shapes that can't be dragged out of you, with this pain, - or one pain. thankyou. very thought provoking

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