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One our special cats - Sqwark. Enjoying the afternnon sun and starting to get angry at his mum!


Guest - Oct 25, 2005 10:26 AM EDT
A great photo on its own, Mel, but he history behind and Alandra's input greatly add to it. Thank you
Guest - Oct 25, 2005 03:05 AM EDT
Ye KM, I can't remember when we had him fixed up (Poor cat, but he needed it). But he had been neutered for some time and still roamed and fought. But now it is out of his system and he has retired from that lifestyle. Now he is on an diet.
Guest - Oct 24, 2005 05:34 AM EDT
Great texture on the fur. The vet must have neutered him and that's why he doesn't roam or fight any more. He's lucky to have found a caring home.
Guest - Oct 23, 2005 04:10 PM EDT
just saw your story about Sqwark, Mel, and enjoyed it. Yes, he's had quite a time of it, to say the least. Thank goodness he has kind and caring owners, and also that someone cared enough to get him to the vet's that night! Another strange "bit" about the cat I was mentioning above (we called her Greyface : ) - she always found socks around the place, she'd seek them out from the bedrooms, and she'd take them and place them around her food dish, always "toe in" onto the side of dish! It really was comical to see all these socks lined up around the dish. We started thinking perhaps she was trying to re-create her lost sibling kittens who died under the workplace mentioned above. The funniest bit of all, is the time I heard this "rustling" sound, and saw Greyface dragging a pair of leotard tights across the carpeting towards her bowl, LOL. If only I'd taken a pic of that.
Guest - Sep 06, 2005 05:26 AM EDT
Aw, bootiful Squark! Give him a scratch for me!
Guest - Aug 24, 2005 03:00 PM EDT
Your story is lovely, sad but lovely. Many of my cats and my families cats have been saved by us caring humans. Sqwark has a special little story - he decided to live my my Hubby's and my old glass house (at our last house). We at first refused to feed this sqwarking cat as we already had 2 cats - thinking that he would give up and go back home eventually. But he didn't and he got skinnier - so Paul fed him and he has been a beautiful friend. Gets into many neighbourhood fights though. But his story continues as 3 1/2 yrs ago on our wedding night he got into a fight on the road and was hit by a car. When we arrived home that next day - he wasn't about. Days of trying to track him down we found him at a vet with a severely damaged front leg and a broken jaw. Sqwark is now a special needs cat with 3 legs. He is a true surviver and copes very well. But with recently moving to a quietier street he isn't as active and needs to go on a diet!
Guest - Aug 24, 2005 12:15 PM EDT
you're right, he does look a bit cross here : ) Our cat often looks that way too, I often think. We've had a few cats that had "sad pasts", that always had a rather cross expression. One kitten we rescued, was born under my DH's workplace, and the crying was going on, gradually all fading out, as I guess they all died, til one day, they found one last tiny kitten left on the doorstep of the building. the men were trying to feed it bits of their lunchbox sandwiches!! and one brought a human baby bottle and "teat" with milk to try to get it in the tiny kitten's mouth!! So when DH told me this, I told him to bring it home, & I fed it with an eye dropper, & it survived and we kept the cat for years. She always had a sad/cross expression.

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