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This composite is a result of a recent request from Steve. He was curious to see how my 'house' looks when we're on the road. On the way to Virginia we spent one night in Latta, South Carolina. Before closing up in the morning I took images with the slides open and after closing them for travel.

The bedroom (the queen-size bed is in the top slide-out) and bath room are 'upstairs', in the front, over the top of our pick up truck. The kitchen slide is beside the door (stove, microwave, fridge and pantry) and the large slide-out opposite has a sofa-bed, kitchen table and chairs. There are two lounge chairs in the large back picture window and my sink is on an island in the center of the kitchen area.

When closed up we can only access the bathroom and bedroom as the two living area slides come right up to the island. We have to open the big slide about a foot if we want to access the fridge or make a sandwich when we stop for a break while traveling. Fortunately rest stop truck spaces are wide and we can open up without crowding anyone.


Guest - Mar 31, 2007 09:24 PM EDT
You're entirely welcome, Steve. The rig is 8 feet wide when closed up. Many campgrounds ARE down some rather narrow roads - which we can mostly manoever - unless a sign is posted saying otherwise. (OK - the roads around my old boarding school, near Tavistock, Devon . . . would never accommodate my unit!!!) Height is sometimes an issue down older "tunnel" roads, where trees overlap on both sides. Our unit is considered mid-range in length. Fifth wheels have the benefit of a narrower turning radius than a tag (pull-behind trailer). Some of the fancier longer, heavier units need to be towed by a small semi - those cannot go down as many roads as we can. When I was transporting these things to dealers from factories, I took a larger one than this to the port at Baltimore - headed for England. So there are a few over in your neck of the woods too, Steve! I still have an image of the living room in my gallery. Vicki
Guest - Mar 31, 2007 07:03 PM EDT
Thanks, Vicki! I really appreciate you taking the trouble to pander to my request! Now I understand how this whole thing works. But it's more like an articulated lorry than my idea of a caravan - no wonder it's so spacious! I really envy your lifestyle with its unpredictability and constant unexpected delights. But I guess you have to stick to main roads with a vehicle that big! Thanks again, Steve
Guest - Mar 31, 2007 12:10 PM EDT
Thank you Don. With your travels you would enjoy this more leisurely life-style. Used RV's are reasonable (I've had two (used)- both of which resold at good prices. This is my second new unit - my first sold for a great price and the second owners are still enjoying it - 6 years later! If you take care of them they have a great resale value. We always kept our unit ready-to-go - dinnerware, pots and pans, basic staples (in airtight plastic containers)and tank chemicals. That way, any time we were in the mood, all we had to do was grab some clothes, hook up and go. As that fifth wheel was only 22 feet long, we'd pull into the grocery store parking lot, get meat and perishables, put them away and take off. Some weekends we would just start driving, reach a point and flip a coin - tails, go right, heads turn left. At a given time we would look in our camping guides for local campgrounds. We found some great places that way - by NOT predetermining our destinations. Vicki
Guest - Mar 31, 2007 08:52 AM EDT
A great way to travel, beautiful RV Vicki. I'd love to travel like that some day. Don
Guest - Mar 30, 2007 07:50 PM EDT
Thank you Carol - it's nice and roomy - a great way to enjoy traveling. Vicki
Guest - Mar 30, 2007 07:25 PM EDT
Lovely RV surely has all the comfort features. Carol

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