Limousine - "Phat Cat"

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this "Phat Cat" Limo arrived at the mall where we were yesterday, - people were quite excited to see such a monster Limo :) It's made by Ford and has a "Cat" diesel engine. It has 4 drive shafts. It carries 30 passengers and costs $250 per hour, - minimum 2 hours.


Dannydig - Aug 19, 2017 01:31 PM EDT
Dannydig - Aug 13, 2017 07:09 AM EDT
Guest - Sep 16, 2007 12:29 AM EDT
Ian's just seen this picture and couldn't get over the size of this limo and how many people it carries, phew. Wonder what it's like inside?
Guest - May 22, 2007 03:25 PM EDT
Oh, today I'm echoing"what a cracy bus or car", anyway, thx to this photo and we can think abouth some nonsens.
Guest - May 22, 2007 12:22 AM EDT
hi Fella, yeah, was thinking the same thing, about a whole group of us photo addicts/bird photographers renting the thing and going for a photo shoot, - if we win the lottery, huh. Sure be fun to meet everyone.
Guest - May 21, 2007 11:03 PM EDT
now that would make a great eagle watching rig for tripods and more
Guest - May 21, 2007 10:57 PM EDT
thanks Tania and Grandjumper from Maine. It is pretty amazing, would sure like to travel around in it too. have never ridden in a limo yet.
Guest - May 21, 2007 09:53 PM EDT
Nice truck Oh man that is one heck of a Ford. Anyone wanny rent with me lol JK. I wish
Guest - May 21, 2007 09:39 PM EDT
Alandra What a beast. great capture
Guest - May 21, 2007 09:02 PM EDT
Hi Lorraine, well that's true, but I guess the petrol bill is covered by the money brought in for the hiring of the Limo, and suppose it can be "written off" in operating expenses on the Income Tax?
Guest - May 21, 2007 04:30 PM EDT
Very intereting but I'm with golda, I'd hate to pay the petrol bill for this.
Guest - May 21, 2007 04:29 PM EDT
lol, you said it, "this crazy world of ours", Golda. I think people are more concerned about the money aspect of filling their tanks, than the shortage of fuel. Is there really a shortage of fuel, or is it like the diamond business where the quantity is regulated to keep the prices high? Who knows, - pause for thought, right.
Guest - May 21, 2007 03:22 PM EDT
What a bizarre concept,in this day and age when people are concerned about fuel shortages.It looks a bit like it should belong to the fire dept.Thanks for showing us the extremes in this crazy world of ours.

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