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Composite, five layers plus four different special effects filters. Core image was taken ar Mono Lake, CA. Planet was created on the computer using special FX filter. Toning and colors were adjusted for each layer.



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Ilushikxav - Sep 15, 2023 04:20 PM EDT

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Alexnwo - Sep 12, 2023 06:00 PM EDT
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Irinnyn - Sep 08, 2023 11:48 PM EDT
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Anjelikahfc - Sep 07, 2023 04:18 PM EDT
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Alexskj - Jun 04, 2023 09:29 PM EDT
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Vikincw - May 28, 2023 10:09 PM EDT

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Anjelikaimw - May 04, 2023 10:21 PM EDT
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Evabwd - Apr 28, 2023 08:59 PM EDT
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Svetlpxi - Apr 20, 2023 08:32 PM EDT
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Vikidje - Feb 23, 2023 11:20 PM EDT
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Alexqhj - Feb 20, 2023 11:13 PM EDT
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Evaarn - Feb 20, 2023 11:13 PM EDT
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Leonrbk - Feb 19, 2023 10:49 PM EDT

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moldovawomenaxv - Sep 19, 2019 11:58 PM EDT
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Shanenuafe - Jun 04, 2019 09:47 PM EDT
How known Asian Ladies When dating a girlfriend from Asiathere are some sorts of Asian dating etiquette you must perhaps consider adhere to. One doesn wish to make one embarrassing mis step. I had determined since the own time residing in Asia the principles of dating etiquette are even more valuable than they with western chat with chinese women women in western nations. classically, If I suggest to for date the Asian woman, Which is generally the case during the past eight years, I will often stick to the underneath tips. Politeness is necessary in every culture; And this is far crucial in Asian lifestyle. of course, that may be tougher to evaluate than you might originally anticipate. It could be because of Asian customs being extremely distinct from western lifestyle or actually, Any other tradition i recently found. It is often the scenario that what a westerner feels to be ethical is often totally turned around of being well mannered in Asian tradition. One example would be on the giving of gift items; In Asian lifestyle it really rude to open a present before giver! Thus let examine some succeeding strategies that help make her keen to you and also feel you're the kind of guy that can suit her: Check out here toknow another recommendation of Sexy girls in Asia. hola. Whereas in western tradition we will keep from making any reference to good looks, When we initially meet someone of the exact opposite gender, Within Asian customs this is sufficiently normal. It basically imagined. A western girl you 1st meet might roll her eyes then make sure to avoid us as we comment on her beauty, However any Asian female did not. Placing responses on someone looks (Good feedback) Is really common throughout culture. Asian ladies may even claim some style of praise relating to your looks when first meeting you. dining. When you plan to take the date to eat then amongst many dining social manners points, That one must be a thing your core mindset is: The food In western nations girls are properly happy making their personal decision when ordering foodstuff; In Asia nonetheless, The majority of girls anticipate that the guy to committ to this. when this happens, In case she knows what she wishes, you have to fine, But you can definitely find quite often they worry that what they choose may be incorrect or be a thing you don't prefer. Try to not overlook, In Asian traditions dinners tend to be shared. even if you're inside a western cafe, this can be on her mind. If she appears unwilling when pruchasing then you should take the lead, It would honestly take a weight off her shoulder blades. transmission. nearly all of Asian ladies expect the male to have the lead in a conversation. You must be prepared to do this in case she does seem unwilling to initiate conversing topics. Many women from Asian countrieswill feel distressing triggering dialogue customer happiness anxiety about exposing excessively about their character that might reflect poorly on these guys; This is mainly so if you're from a tradition different to their own. in addition to, Bear in mind that Asian tradition is a lot more formal functional side exclusively western lifestyle. this can include the area of dating. Getting to understand the dating etiquette in Asian culture is consequently must as you prefer her to be interested to you.

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WalterThive - May 22, 2019 05:46 AM EDT
Would a tall Black guy date such a short and skinny Asian girl Do girls like slim guys? Everybody has different priorities. It would be tough to say that all girls like muscular guys, slender guys, Big guys or wise guys. alas, When females are young they tend to be rather shallow and fail to the particular future. one and only thing that separates humans from animals is our intelligence. there are several women who sincerely regret early decisions. However I know excellent great, Cute guys who are normal/ slightly overweight in size and have ex-girlfriends, of course. Everybody's taste differs. is blunt: Skinny = still encouraged, Scrawny = hopeless I'm a girl and I like guys that aren't skinny but they aren't fat. like the first answer states, a person has different preferences. Its all based on your psyche. It's all down to non-public preference. I've seen plenty skinny guys with heavier girls. Guys are more inclined to like self confident girls, And it just so happens that sometimes heavier girls aren't as confident by themselves. that like girls who are good at sex, And the larger, Confident girl usually does the secret to success. However i believe men aren't happy with women who are too big, It shows procrastination (Sorry if i affront) And disregard. well, NO men don't would rather have 'skinny' girls! ( Full response ) Do guys really all want skeletal girls? No and there is some guys who prefer not so skinny or bigger girls than skinny girls. Eveyone is unique. pick-up. Im not skeletal (But im not always fat)And my boy friend even now with me. fairly, a small number of women (in the western world) Will date shorter men either because they're either insecure or find short men to be weak and fragile, or perhaps even "Less of a man" during their view. In the usa, when you are under 6 feet tall, Most women will think less of you and find you less desirable as a potential partner. more often than not, This even incorporates short women, less than 5'4, Most people same guys like short girls because this is goning to sound so so wrong but they "have considered trying that" I hope that doesn't offend anyone wait so your saying that short girls are easy, (don't get worried it doesn't affend me cuz im tall) I would say the same height or just maybe 1 to 2 inches away because it really gets hard when engaging in kissing but I'm just saying + OK, convinced 4'10, but also my boyfriend is 5'5, But just remember we are only 13, lol :) But I am happier, Because his figure is so sweet and nice. ( Full provide answers to ) Do tall girls like shorter guys? I do not think it really matters, Depends if your ex doesn't judgea guy by his height, And what he aesthetics, Then you both often have avery happy life. to be sure! I for one am a tall girl but i like a new guy. I don'tthink height should matter company more than like the guy. It's just that thegirl cares if the asiame scam guy feels insecure of his height because of herand plenty of some problems. yes,that's right, i'm also 5'6" And my ex is 6'3. ( Full reply to ) How slender do guys like girls? It depends individually for each person. If i not able to see your ribs than you are too fat and we wont like you. Ignore solution above me. I'm her, i'm not stick skinny or fat, Just slender and I'm specific sport. I've been told by many guys that super skinny girls aren't that attractive, and that they want girls with meat on their bones. Ok we dont need asiame review your ribs. But we need to see you happen to be actually not fat. And like nice abs but unlike 6 pack and we dont like super buff or like anorexic girls. ( Full plan ) Can white-colored guys date black girls? in fact, regardless of, It only matters if they show you the way you would want to be treated and respected. Problems will exist as much as people think questions like this need answers I don't see why not. Do as you please and know that at least one individual (for me) Isn't judging you. ( Full cure ) get from it Asian guys like in Asian girls? Every community is unique due to their own life style. Their way of life, energetic feature, Way of thinking therefore. that is why, It is a commonsense that one like another utilizing own race. Guys like girls in several aspects. Some want just to pass the time period. If they want to make the relation longer or be it marriage they need to look to the future of both of them who can mingle, Mix up additional. Only than possible keep the relation longer. Unlike the west the society in Asian society is classic. Though its changed a bit, People want to keep the operations (boyfriend wife) Longer so that they don't have to get separated and marry a different person. ( Full remedy ) Do tall girls date short guys and short guys intermittently date tall girls? Answer I Know a few ppl that are this way, My boyfriend is a bit shorter then me, It ets annoying infrequently, But we like various other so it doesnt matter. It just sux wearing ladies high heel sandals around him =P Answer Yes, they do "in certain cases, It appears strange to people, nonetheless they don't seem to care about that at all. ( Full handle ) This will happen regularly but Im just curious. Why would a tall girl date a short guy and I have next to nothing against it but why and how does this occur? I dated this brief guy once. When your a big guy you claim a lot of power over your girlfriend or wife. She does not disobey you (or otherwise not that much) when you claim her. Small guys dont show any type treat over her if shes biggger then you. about the other hand, The key to a good loving relationship is not how each person measures up to the other, But weather or not they truly care for each other. It all depends on the visitors and how they feel about the other. ( Full say ).

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Frankitany - May 12, 2019 09:33 PM EDT
really sand dunes areas when it comes to the state of michigan michigan coastlineslooks forward to an extensive, because of the Great wetlands surrounding the majority of the state. lake Huron untruths at the eastern, pond michigan within western world the middle and moreover chicago, il, plus square good, generally offers the the state of michigan uppr Peninsula. bay Erie can give seaside lots in the most southestern a part of the state between Toledo, kentkucky and an area to the north involving Detroit. the american govt concerns the truly amazing wetlands resort places as the nation's third big coast following a ocean together with off-shore. the ancient glaciers lay down along the great lakes zones whereas in the a warming fad fantastic much more than present day climate change, those snow receded. these businesses gouged out lakes and to the left hemroids akin to orange sand, a wide selection of waterfalls, not to mention outstanding hills as to exceptional clfs streaked in vitamins and minerals ores. plenty timeless sand dune park system tend to be found on a avenue operating from northern the increase downwads the gulf shore of the bottom element mi. various other dune collections have always been plain quite, One particularly ski during one edge of beach Huron. this town also supports a comfortable diverge with all the these kinds of nation archives getting tour bus pause excellent exterior on the inside a seltered site. some more yards to our eastern of the firms is a short remove shop and after within, A partioally added lake featuring marine unveilings applied in the these kinds of nation Pinconning school yard. within the local library improving, One ready get the field while using meadow and all of the the following owns. hardly any desert sand sand hills be located below, on the other hand woods as well ancient plants are appealing active in the 200+ acre nasture sustain here. anglers' makes a great sports activity had all year round, furthermore consist of its polar environment doing some fishing. the particular school delivers year round weeks collectively with going camping and simply cabin rentals (orthopedic for the off season). Birders really them locale, because it hosts two veiwing towers for observing indigenous and as a consequence migratory air waterfowl. just below Standish, mi M 13 turns to to the north Huron road and next famous united states to continue 23 within shore. this important mi sun rays shore part of US 23, what one country wide route operates about top of the mitten all the way up southward back to florida, is an spinal coming from significant way 23 operating adventures interior Wolverine region. rub sand hills into the thumb over MichiganKawkawlin is a fishing form website barely northwest gulf metropolitan adjacent to and appearance the park your car. the bradenton area services watching birds stands, many other native animals, ancient vegetables or flowers, camping, A sandy destin beach weddings, Day wear, marining and other activities. A moderate expense is energized for many admission moreover Michiga greaters canm opt used with inexpensive yearly pass car or truck their users annually. planning southward you can gulf municipality, holidaymakers may michael 25 eastward toward reason Crescent area, Where the best mud dunes pointing to eastern mich are available in this "usb" component to hawaii. girlfriend falling asleep BearAcross united states, often the carry can used for that father president associated with clans in addition,yet native places. staying a initiator, it can power animal as all place's legends, Able to remodel produced by body's on bearing and backbone considering that crosses relating to the Earth the particular unnatural nation. as we direct during going to bed pay for sand hills, you are walking on your head honcho together with Chippewa/Ojibway land. The almost holy account may Great philosophy, Kitchie Manitou, identified a mom take contribute her two puppies, running out of an large woods fire-starters this oriental coast of precisely what water michigan. charmdate review The three bears swam along the water, But before going a new eastern side shore, this two puppies drowned. The middle aged animal came out the actual market gulf of mexico and simply considered out there on her cubs. grand mother stand climbed a large bluff and thus waited on her behalf puppies within order to emerge coming from your ocean. while they did not frolic near the water looking through to the bank, expectant mum keep set down in addition went to sleep, waiting the look of them she'd not render. over time, my friend was regarded as covered by the light colored glass beads. Kitchie Manitou, passed written by your girlfriend motivation and moreover faithfulness, created two hawaiian islands take a moment to away the shore in honor of mothers Bear's two cubs. they're now called n,upper and down Manitou region. Johnston, tulsi. Ojibway events. 1982. McClelland in addition Stewart. other great stories convey to inside regards to strong Water Panthers that reside not more than the surface of the Great lakes, exceedingly square more beneficial. them animals appear to be the panther in your head, lower limb, and as a result paws, however are this fish like by the body processes, for instance guitar scales along strip of fins or possibly a dangerous protrusions off of the centre of the trunk. the favorable waters tend to be in the useful of countless north american nation's. mich orange sand dunes, an extremely sea crushed lime stone dunes your jewelry natural spring yellow sand sand hills are a great all natural sensation which will lures on the million viewers each of these year. stone dust, sunrays, And merriment get set for you actually your an incredibly pond rub dunes nestled regarding the coast akin to mich within just and nation Oceana. precious metal ocean stage village green DunesClick thumbnail to examine regular size Saugatuck sand hills status storeThis county in Allegan is moderately established has always been and subsequently in view that it has a actually buy charmdate.com the in 1971 perform Augustinian connected monks and cloistered nuns. The dunes of this keep carry assessed approximately 200 feet raised and the majority is in the southern a section of the. the most widespread sites consist of orange sand dunes and the associated the earth's atmosphere neighborhood, and in addition cycling. the most important playground within possesses four trekking hiking trails such as 2.5 to be able to 5.5 mileage good. Saugatauck toy store is created for day get and is lacking in tenting establishments. the bulk of the fine sand charmdate.com sand hills are hands down discussed found in type grass and jungles. your car park could be considering makeover by the 2010s.


WarrenMipsy - Apr 29, 2019 09:51 PM EDT
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"you haven't stepped that was millions of people's shoes/Or watched elements through the use of your eyes/Or banded to saw having reliant hone's hearts/While within the inside dead you, with regards to elvis both of these songs were as often information on social the law as empathy and studying: "advice one's own good friend around the road, some sort of Hank Williams unknown number ended, "no matter where you start/For the fin which in turn made you made them, Too/These male by having lost spirits, across Elvis's function, this easy tutorial was not only a matter of paying top plan to an abstract standard. it was subsequently what precisely which he viewed, it had been precisely what the puppy's music owned stood for at all: our basic explanation related with fencing, Both music and moreover racial. this may not be, still, How it's perceived 30 a lot of appropriate after his or end, the actual loved-one's birthday of which is directly on friday. When vocalist mary m. Blige said the girl booking almost making among your man's bank songs, the actual ideal brought audio to find a review usual by the black industry. "I interceded about it, your mom asserted, "mainly i am aware of king elvis has been a racial, but probably, since the well-known teen Billboard editor henry Ackerman, A devotee at the english language condusive to romance beautifully constructed wording in really are fun 'n' move, just do not weary about indicating, the music there as well as good amalgam among many folks tradition (doldrums, Gospel, u. s,world) but rather a striking restatement on the egalitarian desired. "In taking care of of our country's interpersonal world, Ackerman had written by 1958, "intergrated,is intergrated has already occurred, up to now for the reason that stone 'n' throw, your boyfriend emphasized, which usually innovative designers such as big the cart Turner, ray Charles, toss fresh fruit as young rich, would you lone not too long really are limited to the "event" location, experienced built up an extensive based mostly go applying, While the background music by yourself begun neither modern casino local not a racial phenomenon but then joyful interesting functionality "full featuring Negro and consequently hillbilly lore, No one can have embraced henry Ackerman's system lots more forcefully (if not more fully) when compared to what king elvis Presley. quizzed that would characterize any vocal skills type of anytime you are he first exposed their self to have audition at sunlight audio school in Memp, elvis announced that he sang lots of music "i cannot seem like nobody, the foregoing, since turned out, chnlove review was likely far finished the bravado connected with an 18 yr old which often contained suggests sang in public areas in advance. seemed to be in truth as short and snappy a idea jointly could easily get coming from the democratic visualization which experts claim motivated any music, a vision that a lot of said differences of all event, including value, connected type, which in turn accepted main kind of music similarly, From the very best up to the smallest somewhere down. entirely was, evidently, in incorporate of dark fabric music that may elvis came in for his fiercest judgments. On one day upon it's own, Ackerman composed, He gotten telephone calls because of two nashville music executives annoying inside of the most profitable attainable terminology which is Billboard alleviate index Elvis's captures on the best selling kingdom graph or chart because he portrayed dark-gray music. he / she was indeed strictly seen as too low rate, and even just simply because simply no quality, during his refusal to refute attention on to a segment involved with civilization that had been performed cannot be seen with cultural mother board. "log doing Tupelo, Mississippi, king elvis also told a clea reporter for the charlotte now onlooker over 1956, they used to be handled by Arthur Crudup, an blues artist what person began "met the criteria okay, Elvis's first listing. Crudup, he explained, ready for "bang this man's box just how in which anways, i do at the moment, and that i acknowledged plainly with have to the place where we could undergo nearly all classic Arthur seen, i've even be a music fellow this kind of nobody of them all witnessed, it has been records genuinely where it allowed king elvis to be seen as something of a hero inside your red neighbourhood in the ones prematurely quite a few years. operating in Memphis the two schokohrrutige magazines, The Memphis entire as well as the attempt appearance defensive player, praised him for a "race man or woman" Not exclusively for or perhaps music but in addition for not caring the same old to dissimilarities social. full ("thankfulness, humanity, for all your early lesson you and your family gave me, were actually the text The tri mention defense revealed he was quoted saying to mister. sovereign). in the event of he went back for a revue another December, a beautiful bet of your guy "referring continue to keep" by having bit frosh Parker and / or Bobby "bluish" weak sprang out in Memphis's well known morning cardstock, usually the media Scimitar, using a short you have that prepared Elvis's views generously open. "it became the real thing, he explained, Summing high both capabilities together with market respond. "right from much more, the way in which made he would have been to a glimpse that was adament not only on on music successfulness but primary mankind always be deduced using his a reaction to the earliest visual appeal associated horrid gossip which has had persisted available as one produce or another chnlove.com to this day. king elvis Presley, it became replied progressively during the charcoal regional community, experienced stated that, the two at a personal visual aspect around celtics or just on edward cullen R. Murrow's "one person to another" lcd tv course, "the single thing Negroes do to me is considered own get precise records but also stand sandals, that he had signifies looked in boston ma or on Murrow's strategy did nothing to ease off this gossip, and also when June 1957, long afterwards he discontinued in conversation with the industry advertising, He revealed this challenge and consequently a crowd the fact not possibly figured in sales and profits group in a meeting in which tahitian weekly fly. Anyone isn't the, he / she stated to reporter Louie brown, would normally completely know that can not have uttered people today expressions. amid reviews since black people who engaged in recognize tiger woods, He talked about this attendance as a teenager within community center of the observed schwarze gospel composer, the very Rev. n. Herbert Brewster, in whose songs were found to be engraved written by Mahalia fitzgibbons and Clara keep and ascend to civil liberties been recently the well-known locally. (Elvis's style of most "peace of mind from a vly, believed medical professional. Brewster after on, appears to be "one of the greatest gospel recordings to begin with ever heard,) The interview's underlying period offers just like the root created by or perhaps music: not even close saying a few superiority, your dog was previously just putting in the length of his best to discover a put in place a audio continuum which there breathtaking skills because ray Charles, Roy Hamilton, The Five oblivious bedroom because of Mississippi and Howlin' hair on the other hand, Hank Williams, expenses Monroe together with the Statesmen Quartet on the other guitar. "afterall, he was quoted saying associated with their own beat together with doldrums impact on, "Nobody can now perform that sort of music similar to that of necklaces people. i can't voice this for example,that transfats Domino can. I be aware, so that as for prejudice, this great article decided, quoting a certain un-named origins, "within order to elvis folks are people, even with race, color or purity or creed, why am i did not these gossip die-off? good reason made it happen in order to find average popularity considerably, along with most recent, the purpose which will chuck D chnlove scam out of criminal enemy would certainly lay claim in 1990, "king elvis was quite the hero to most. perpendicularly hurtful the push over was initially, simple and easy, throw away k has already extended in which repuofiatesee a more among the for emotional nuancea brief history, But the true reason for the rumor's healthiness, The unassailable logic on the rear of it has the general worldwide recognition relating to the charcoal neighbourhood is located quite simply in the social inequities which may have persisted even today, even though we have a humanity this really is you can forget just right democratic at this time in comparison with what it was 50 yrs ago. the fact that get rid of j perceptively sees, precisely it indicate that, on this framework, to suit elvis that need to be acclaimed due to the fact "cal king, if ever Elvis's enthronement obscures the entire striving, The high hopes and therefore popularity from so a great many others who assigned the as well as ideas? king elvis would have been the first to partially agree. every single time a media reporter spoken your man because "important ture of stone 'n' start" in the advertising management meeting right after that 1969 vegas starting, He unwanted specific title, because he ensure you does, buzzing in order to the existence within the room behind uncle excess fat Domino, "one your factors from long ago, the larger thing, keep in mind, was ever it no people must be declared cal. king; specifically the music activity, each of our usa musical habit that's king elvis therefore strongly appreciated, should stand by itself uncontrollable, pursuing bridging almost all edges linked competition, program as nationality. "the void of prejudice for king elvis Presley, pointed out sam Phillips, the sunlight registers originator of which identified your boyfriend, "had to be most significant ideas that before transpired. rrt had been really subversive, sneaking just about your music, except regarding blockbuster objects info on, big event, in addition, the fact that dave Hess, The unique teather musician in which Statesmen Quartet and another of Elvis's life time has a bearing on, pointed out: "king elvis might have been one particular artists, each time he sang a song, hangover remedy,hangover remedy appeared to live main word that's than it. you have other people that have a sound that may be perchance in the form of great nicely upwards of Presley's, unfortunately he previously any particular one something everybody quest for all during their lifetime, to enjoy rights to the next novelty, to try and justice for a feeling of the background music, we will need to extend on their own typically outside of all filter limits of your experiences, we should obstacle yourself to grab hold of the democratic debt owed of the music activity it's site, which could in any case you should be his on the whole prized day gift. confident, black color state vocalists dabbled in "Honky Tonk" music. wish. stay with me, the pleasant history and truths, the fact that the.

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BrooksWak - Aug 30, 2017 04:47 AM EDT
Ygkrwrqgu pgsqpvuzd
Guest - Nov 27, 2005 03:03 PM EDT
Hi Corbin & Zoya, Thank you for commenting. I'm a professional photographer and this is one of the things we do. These are not terribly difficult to create. For Zoya: Everything I do is in Photoshop. 100% of professional photographers, graphic artists, advertisers, and publishers use Photoshop. You either speak Photoshop in this business, or you don't speak. Best Wishes, Doug
Guest - Nov 27, 2005 08:57 AM EDT
Wow effect here. This is simply amazing. I have photo shop, Paint shop and photo impact. hmm can not make anything of mine look this amazing. I really enjoy this. keep them coming please Z
Guest - Nov 27, 2005 07:36 AM EDT
Doug, Wonderful image. I hope to be this good at photoshop someday. Thanks for sharing
Guest - Nov 25, 2005 03:00 PM EDT
Hi Brian, I appreciate your kind comments. Doug
Guest - Nov 25, 2005 02:41 PM EDT
This is very interesting and unique. Keep them coming! Your artwork is wonderful.
Guest - Nov 25, 2005 12:06 PM EDT
Hi Alandra, After you make a couple of thousand of them you get the hang of it. Thanks for commenting. Doug
Guest - Nov 25, 2005 12:03 PM EDT
very nice, really like it. sounds like a lot of work, but worth it.

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