hummingbird at feeder

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captured this just now, from several feet away, plus it's quite high under the eaves at front window of our house. So not as clear as I'd like. But you can still see the hummer's tiny claws/feet : )
am going to try to capture some shots thru the open window, once they get used to seeing me there, as then I'll be closer to the level of the feeder. (ever hopeful : )


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Guest - Jun 01, 2005 12:12 PM EDT
that's neat Tam, it's something you never forget, right! I held one in my hands onetime. It had got trapped in our solarium, we'd been out and had left our dogs out there, leaving the screen partly opened so they could get out. The hummer got in, and couldn't find its way out, due to thinking the glass roof was the way out, so it kept trying in vain to get out thru the glass roof. Luckily we got home intime to save it, as it was getting fatigued, flying up and down to the glass roof. I grabbed it when it went down to the floor, and put my other hand over the top of it, and took it outside and released it. Can still recall how very warm it felt in my hands. I felt it was a privilege to be able to hold it like that and then release it.
Guest - Jun 01, 2005 11:51 AM EDT
Glad to see you use sugar water mix as well. That is how I used to feed mine. i say use to as I really don;t see them much here. speaking of close encounters I had one land on me when I was working in my ex's garden. So I froze and he stayed jsut breifly but gosh he was gorgeous T
Guest - Jun 01, 2005 11:26 AM EDT
thanks very much Larry, am glad the info is of use to you, and good luck in capturing some shots at your feeder. they are fascinating, I've been trying for years to get some good shots of them : ) Over the years have had them fly up and hover SO close to me, when I was near some flowers they like, but when I didn't have the camera in my hands. Infact, I've felt the "wind" from the wings on my hand, as one approached as I had my hand on the nectar feeder. Stood there as still as a statue, and it hovered right beside my hand. The burnished reddish/gold iridescent colour on it was unforgettable, absolutely gorgeous.
Guest - Jun 01, 2005 04:58 AM EDT
Well, this has been an informative read, we also have a hummingbird feeder, which I am also trying to get a picture of, I guess we better change our feeding habits. Nice shot will be watching for you next one..
Guest - May 25, 2005 11:32 PM EDT
thanks Vicki and Janice. Yep, it keeps me busy, tending the feeders, as there's no preservatives in the home made nectar, so it does need changing often, esp in warmer weather as you said, Vicki. Once the weather gets hot, I usually make a greater quantity and store it in fridge in glass container. Another hint is never to use soap or harsh cleaners on the feeders, incase any residue is left on there, - these birds are soooo tiny that it would be easy to harm them. Just make sure you use hot water to clean them and that's fine.
Guest - May 25, 2005 09:01 PM EDT
I really like this shot. I love nature or bird shots. A those birds can sure be skittish. Caught a robin with baby robins in a nest a eye level but didnt have my camera with me but I will get the shot tomorrow.
Guest - May 25, 2005 06:52 PM EDT
Great shot, Alandra. And I'm soo glad to see you use sugar water and not prepared red-dye hummer nectar. Our favorite bird man recommended the 4 to one ratio many years ago - he also told us to change it every three days when cool and daily in warm weather as it spoils quickly, so thorough cleaning is mandatory each time it's refilled.
Guest - May 25, 2005 05:38 PM EDT
Great Picture, I find it very hard to get a good picture of one it seems like their little wings are always moving. Carol
Guest - May 25, 2005 05:20 PM EDT
meant to add, incase anyone wonders, - make my own nectar for the hummers and I don't add red colouring, as it's harmful to their tiny organs. Just use water pre boiled in the kettle after it's sat there and cooled, add the sugar while the water's still warm, so it dissolves. Then clean and re-fill the feeders once the mixture is cold. The ratio is one part sugar (regular granulated white sugar) to 4 parts water for normal summer weather, this ratio most closely resembles the flower nectar. In cooler weather, when the hummers first arrive back here, we use 3 parts water and one part sugar, gradually increasing the water as the weather warms, til it's 4 to 1.
Guest - May 25, 2005 05:06 PM EDT
thanks Tam and Alex D for the encouraging praise. I hope to get a really good/clear shot of one of them before summer's out (as have said many years before : ) - lots of time involved in this. Does anyone know which type of hummer this is? It's either a female or immature male, I believe. Don't think it's a Rufous, we had Rufous males here earlier, but they seem to have left, - then these appeared, and they didn't seem to know about using the nectar feeders, - today we watched as one hovered all around, trying to figure out how to feed. After awhile, it found the openings in the top, so that made us smile. There seem to be more around here this year. great.
Guest - May 25, 2005 04:53 PM EDT
Simply great. Colors are vivid and the hummingbird is completely still.
Guest - May 25, 2005 04:42 PM EDT
Excellent shot. She is so cute

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