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This image was done using a Fuji finepix a205 which is a low end point and shoot camera. it is a 2 mega pixel with a 3x optical zoom. Keep in mind that traditionally you can not use lenses and filters with a point and shoot camera. With this I have done the opposite.

I used a sears 49mm C.S. (cross screen) filter. I did not use a tripod all this was done very carefully and with steady hand.

I just happened to have noticed that the sun was reflecting off this water droplet, my intention was to enhance it and make a rainbow sort of effect with the filter. I thought that if I could pull it off that I woud possibly have the best shot I ever took,thus far this has happened.

When I started out on this photo I did manage to waste about 70 shots to get one that I was happy with. It took a lot of steadiness to hold that filter up to the lens and carefully turn it to get the rainbow/diamond like effect. I did not editing in software this was all done manually with the camera. So i do hope you all like it



I just saw an articl

Marie - Oct 13, 2015 03:27 PM EDT
I just saw an article in the NYT, with a photo there of Deep Pockets Chopra with Micheal Jackson. Mike is sinittg on his bed, while the Copra is "flying" behind him up in the air. he obviously propelled himself with his legs, but the photo is meant to imply that he is flying or almost flying, or why would they include such a photo? I cannot believe that they are STILL doing the SAME LIE. I can't believe that they still sell this wanna fly modality, using proximity to Jackson, like the first Meshegunishi to the Beatles, to attract attention. What a photo.
Guest - Nov 24, 2007 06:34 PM EDT
Thank you :)
Guest - Nov 22, 2007 08:17 PM EDT
This picture is awesome Zoya....
Guest - May 03, 2007 08:42 PM EDT
Thank you. This is my all time favorite photo to have the pleasure of doing
Guest - May 03, 2007 02:11 PM EDT
Stunning pic, Zoya.
Guest - Oct 24, 2006 11:59 PM EDT
I like this. Sort of brings to mind a Diamond in the rough, Very nice photo
Guest - Jul 25, 2006 07:06 PM EDT
WOW this is amazing.
Guest - Jun 22, 2006 09:42 AM EDT
Simply a wonderful piece of work. YOu have a wonderful talent. THank you for sharing it with all us :)
Guest - Jun 20, 2006 04:09 PM EDT
this is wonderful and very eye pleasing.
Guest - Jun 11, 2006 03:58 PM EDT
thank you all for the comments. been a while since I looked at this photo.. my goal this year is to top this. Let's just see if I can Z
Guest - Jun 08, 2006 10:15 PM EDT
This is a very well composed photo. A bit of a rare one at that. You have done exceptionally well considering what you had to use to accomplish this
Guest - Jun 07, 2006 11:46 PM EDT
gorgeous photo.
Guest - May 09, 2006 05:40 PM EDT
wow its amazing how something as simple as a raindrop can be so beautiful...i really like this pic it shows such un-noticed beauty!
Guest - Apr 03, 2006 02:41 PM EDT
beautiful photo. Wow I like this one a lot
Guest - Mar 29, 2006 02:47 PM EDT
Guest - Mar 28, 2006 03:33 PM EDT
This is a very well composed brillaint photo
Guest - Mar 12, 2006 08:58 AM EDT
Nice photo!! I just wish I could read the previous comment.
Guest - Feb 26, 2006 12:06 PM EDT
how on earth did you do this. No way has to be a computer done image. I can not see how you can do this with a camera
Guest - Feb 26, 2006 09:37 AM EDT
one of the best. NO THE BEST photo on here. can't wait for the warmer weather to return
Guest - Feb 26, 2006 09:05 AM EDT
this is by far one of the best photos I have seen on here. Very well thought out and planned. Gorgeous
Guest - Feb 08, 2006 07:15 PM EDT
this is simply stunning. Very creative
Guest - Jan 08, 2006 06:17 AM EDT
Guest - Jan 04, 2006 08:05 AM EDT
Great. Beautiful.Good job.
Guest - Dec 18, 2005 12:05 PM EDT
c'est magnifique
Guest - Dec 16, 2005 02:50 PM EDT
It is a magical crystal.
Guest - Nov 17, 2005 01:56 PM EDT
Magical shot, you can almost touch that drop !
Guest - Nov 17, 2005 10:34 AM EDT
This is truly a work of art. Gorgeous well thought out and very detailed
Guest - Sep 20, 2005 04:19 PM EDT
this must hav taken you a while. browsing though the comments left this looks darn near impossible for hte equipment you have. so terrific job at accomplishing this
Guest - Aug 26, 2005 10:12 PM EDT
WOW Thank you for the great compliment.. Well if you go by text book photography well then I should not have been able to do this. This was done with a Fuji Finepix A205 Point and shoot camera. I also have a cross screen filter that I carefully held up to the lens until I got this to come out the way I wanted it to. This took me about 50 shots Just for this one. Thanks again Zoya
Guest - Aug 26, 2005 08:53 PM EDT
Woah. I'm only in high school, taking a photography course, and our teacher is too ignorant to show us any photos like that. Bravo!
Guest - Aug 22, 2005 06:59 AM EDT
Great photo. This is an a plus in my book Well done
Guest - Aug 21, 2005 03:33 PM EDT
Beautiful! It captures the beauty and fragility of nature!
Guest - Aug 21, 2005 12:32 PM EDT
This is great. I bet a lot of work went into this one. I can't find a thing to pick it apart for. So excelelnt job very well done!
Guest - Aug 21, 2005 06:51 AM EDT
gorgeous photo. WOW I like how this is done
Guest - Aug 07, 2005 07:08 AM EDT
Very pretty. stunningly gorgeous
Guest - Aug 01, 2005 11:12 AM EDT
Awesome beuatiful stunning gorgeous Great job
Guest - Jul 31, 2005 12:42 PM EDT
Such a neatly done photo. Found this one while searching for something else on google. Cool
Guest - Jul 31, 2005 05:58 AM EDT
This is a great photo as everyone else said WOW effect :)
Guest - Jul 29, 2005 05:24 AM EDT
This photo certainly has the "Wow" factor!!! Good job Zoya!
Guest - Jul 26, 2005 07:30 AM EDT
Guest - Jul 26, 2005 01:55 AM EDT
I really like this photo. Like everyone else seems to think, the light on the water droplet really makes this photo. Well done!
Guest - Jul 24, 2005 06:28 AM EDT
No way did you take this with a point and shoot camera.. not possible. You must have a better camera than you are letting on. as the shot itself is excellent. I just can't see how you did with a point and shoot
Guest - Jul 19, 2005 11:51 AM EDT
Spectacular photo. Well done
Guest - Jul 12, 2005 11:47 AM EDT
Guess it has been a while since i visited my own photo LOL Thank you all for the compliments Commets. Thanks Grahameg. This did take me quite a while and lots of shots to get this just right
Guest - Jul 12, 2005 01:39 AM EDT
Can't add much more to the above comments except, WOW Great Shot. Not only is the effect great but the definition as well.
Guest - Jul 10, 2005 07:05 AM EDT
this is great.. if the whole world sparkled as nicely as this I bet it would be a friendlier place. This is so gorgeous and for some reason speaks volumes to me I found your link in your yahoo profile so had to check it out. Excellent photos you have and a great eye as well
Guest - Jul 05, 2005 01:30 PM EDT
Now this is gorgeous
Guest - Jun 27, 2005 11:20 AM EDT
Very beautiful photo. It has a very enticing quality to it
Guest - Jun 26, 2005 09:29 AM EDT
Nice gorgeous well done. And you did this with a point and shoot by holding up the filter to the camera. great stunt and it paid off!
Guest - Jun 19, 2005 11:39 AM EDT
What a spectacular thing to see. I love it Gorgeous
Guest - Jun 15, 2005 07:35 AM EDT
Go for it Joe. All You need is a cross screen filter and your camera. Just make sure your light source is bright, And you got yourself a fine shot Can't wait to see it Z
Guest - Jun 14, 2005 09:27 PM EDT
What a beauty!! Its shots like this that make me want to be a photographer. You've given a new amateur something to shoot for. (Excuse the pun).
Guest - Jun 12, 2005 09:53 AM EDT
This is stunning. Gorgeous What more can I say except I love it
Guest - Jun 07, 2005 11:02 AM EDT
This is the best shot I have seen in a while. A lot of time and patience I am sure went into this one
Guest - Jun 05, 2005 07:59 AM EDT
Thank you all. Now I have to top this one heheheh Z
Guest - Jun 04, 2005 11:51 PM EDT
Suprelative shot!
Guest - May 29, 2005 08:38 AM EDT
very clear and beautiful shot. I am amazed by this one Excellent
Guest - May 17, 2005 11:10 AM EDT
Great use of the cross screen filter. You did an outstanding job with this photo. What Fuji finepix do you use. it appears to take excellent photos. K
Guest - May 15, 2005 05:27 PM EDT
very unique and gorgeous photo
Guest - May 13, 2005 04:30 PM EDT
Thank you Silvester, Marlene. TK, Cross Roads, Kathleen and Yvonne. Wow been a while since i noticed comments up here.
Guest - May 13, 2005 10:13 AM EDT
this is absolutly stunning.
Guest - May 11, 2005 03:42 PM EDT
I have to agree with everyone this is gorgeous. Would love this hanging in my house
Guest - May 11, 2005 02:29 PM EDT
Excellent photography in this shot. a lot of hard work by the sounds of it
Guest - May 09, 2005 11:19 AM EDT
This is the best shot on here. How ever you got that is amazing
Guest - May 08, 2005 08:25 PM EDT
I can't stop looking at this one! I love this shot!
Guest - May 02, 2005 03:59 PM EDT
cool I found another one with that flare like thing on it. Exactly how do you do it is it in the software or something you do with the camera
Guest - Apr 06, 2005 04:15 PM EDT
What a cool photo. I see a second flare type thing on the bottom right. cool shot how did you do this one?
Guest - Apr 04, 2005 08:43 AM EDT
Thank you all Vicki I am glad you like this. I do try hard LOL
Guest - Mar 31, 2005 04:16 AM EDT
Hi Tam - was just reading your related post in Group - this is an excellent example of a star lens.I'm so glad you're showing us what incredible work you can do with a little ingenuity.
Guest - Feb 19, 2005 03:39 PM EDT
I like that rain drop too. Carol
Guest - Jan 24, 2005 10:33 PM EDT
I have to agree with Guns when he says an amateur could not have possibly taken this shot. Excellent stuff
Guest - Jan 22, 2005 11:00 PM EDT
This is a neat shot. Not bad for a point and shoot camera with a lens held up to it. Excellent
Guest - Jan 02, 2005 02:08 PM EDT
stunning What a beautiful photo.
Guest - Dec 28, 2004 11:03 PM EDT
Thank you
Guest - Dec 28, 2004 05:56 PM EDT
this is great. What an awesome effect you got with the lens.
Guest - Dec 22, 2004 01:36 AM EDT
thnak you Guns. this was a shot that used a grid lens only name on was sear c.s. So not usre what it actually stands for. That is how I git teh lens falre on that. Mind you my camera is not a SLR type just a pina nad shooot taht I have been psuhing the limits on. I am so glad you like this one. was pure luck on my PArt thanks Tam
Guest - Dec 21, 2004 07:31 PM EDT
Zoya... That is so GOOD! I don't believe amateurs can take photos as good as this. Then I must definitely demote myself from the position of an amateur myself. Please check out my gallery and I am sure you will like my photos better when you know that the bad quality is due to a bad scanner and not a bad photographer ! [;->] Hope this link works, else I am on the site as great_guns. REgards -Guns
Guest - Sep 16, 2004 06:08 PM EDT
Thank you.
Guest - Sep 16, 2004 02:49 PM EDT
lovely, Tam!! have been interested in one of those lens for awhile now, gonna get one : )
Guest - Sep 16, 2004 08:36 AM EDT
I love this. I like the sparkle of the water dropplet!
Guest - Aug 18, 2004 08:22 AM EDT
It is an add on in only that I had a sepcial effects lens to help me out. it is a SEARS 49mm S>C> lens. if you aim it at something bright (like the rain drop), it will give you this rainbow type effect to it. Glad you all liked it Z
Guest - Aug 17, 2004 06:18 PM EDT
is the flare an add on element - the drop looks like an uncut diamond.
Guest - Aug 16, 2004 11:58 PM EDT
Great shot Zoya!

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