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We were playing in the backyard with our dogs and kids and the dog from next door was staring and sniffing through this hole in our fence. I feel sad for him. He was a stray and they just have him in the yard, not inside and they don't take him for walks. He's not fixed and they haven't taken him for shots. We think he's part pit bull. I'll post a photo of him next.


Guest - Jan 08, 2007 10:10 AM EDT
Thank you Alandra and Don for viewing and for your comments and concern for "Toby". I wish at the very least that I could offer to let him come over for play dates with my dogs, but I can't trust him. We don't know anything about him and I have to protect my children. But I am going to talk to them today and find out if maybe they'll let me help find him a new home. I have a great contact at a rescue where we adopted our two dogs. She could make sure he is placed with the right family. Thanks again.. I'll keep you posted on the poor guy. ~Shawna
Guest - Jan 08, 2007 01:45 AM EDT
Very sad, I do like the composition though. Very cool shot. I wish I hadn't read your description, I feel bad for the poor guy. Don
Guest - Jan 06, 2007 02:28 AM EDT
that's a very cute shot! I hope they don't just dump the poor dog. It sounds as if he wanted to join in the fun when he saw what was happening in your yard with everyone having a good time. Well, maybe the collar is a good sign that they are going to keep him, altho it seems he's destined to a life of loneliness just stuck in the backyard alone all his life.
Guest - Jan 05, 2007 03:39 PM EDT
Thank you Steve and Lorraine for viewing and for your comments. I thought it was cute, but then he started whining and it broke my heart. I wish we could take in another dog, but we already have 2 and 2 small children and 2 cats. We're at our max. Besides, we don't know his temperment or history. I would like to find him a new home though. One of the men who is keeping him has talked of just dumping him somewhere, I've begged him not to do that. I noticed they put a collar on him now, so maybe they plan to keep him. I just wish they would give him some attention and affection. He's starved for contact.
Guest - Jan 05, 2007 03:27 PM EDT
Thats sad, the first thing we do is open the back door and the last thing at night so long as we are home, my dogs wander in and out all day to me getting them fixed and there shots are so important . the poor fellow, I hope it works out for him.
Guest - Jan 05, 2007 02:51 PM EDT
A sad story to accompany a witty and well composed image. I hope his story ends more optimistically.

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