Baby Carriage or Pram, Brit Style

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this British style baby carriage was for sale outfront of an antique shop. The brand name is Pedigree. They are known as "prams" in the UK, shortened from the word "perambulator" : ) for anyone intererested


Ten Years On.

Jayne Frances Cook - Apr 30, 2017 04:14 AM EDT
I own that exact pram now, I bought it in Swansea from a girl who bought it from England, possibly Essex and when I posted my pictures of it other owners chimed's got a whole fan club!Because of it's age I am set to redo the fabric and white leatherette interior, on for now it has been cleaned and a new pram set was sewed for it.


NORA EARHART - Jan 20, 2017 08:42 PM EDT
TMR8 - Sep 08, 2012 04:27 AM EDT
Hi Alandra I love these prams. I would have loved to have one when my children were small

pedagree pram

rose kyte - Apr 20, 2012 06:35 AM EDT
wow i just love these's beautiful prams i am after one i know they come in this colour black and white green and white ive been searching for a long time i hope i can get one of these's prams can any one help me i live in new zealand and not one around i am not giving up on these's prams hope someone can help me i so badly want an english pedagree pram thank you im on tacebook send me a message rose kyte

is this still for sale?

sweet - Apr 04, 2012 12:12 AM EDT
where can i buy strollers like this? i love vintage things esp for my baby. how much will it cost? and where can i buy this ? hope u can suggest. thanks
Guest - Mar 12, 2007 11:09 PM EDT
lol, Mike, don't feel bad, - same here, altho my Mum's pram was a twin pram, a monstrous effigy :) and I used to take the twins out in it, - we lived on a steeeep hill, (towards the lower part of it) and have always wondered how my mum trusted me to not let go of the pram, as I was only about 7 or so. I had to actually lean back,pulling on the pram handle, to stop the pram running away on me on the hill, didn't need to push it, - main road at the foot of the hill too, double decker buses going past :) How I got the huge monster back up the hill enroute home, goodness knows. Thanks for the memories and comments :)
Guest - Mar 12, 2007 10:46 AM EDT
hate to say this but i remember this type of pram :( pushed my sisters in one nice reminder of my age x x x
Guest - Mar 12, 2007 04:10 AM EDT
Hi Alandra. We sell lots of mountain buggies here. They are popular because they are lightweight (aluminium frame), made in New Zealand, designed with the active person in mind and also come in a wide variety of colours. The triple ones do get a little harder to jog with though. My, how times have changed. I don't think there were any 3 wheeler buggies around when I had Bianca.
Guest - Mar 11, 2007 10:41 PM EDT
Lorraine, to add a bit more, - know what you mean about those mountain buggies, -- have seen people jogging here with them also. And when at the local Thrift shop recently, here was a Triple mountain buggy! Have seen the double type, but never a triple!
Guest - Mar 11, 2007 10:39 PM EDT
appreciate your nice comments, Lulu and Lorraine, thanks very much. Am sorry I didn't reply to yours sooner, Lulu. Yes, have heard of Pedigree brand prams also, - have seen photos of them in Brit magazines over the years.
Guest - Mar 11, 2007 04:55 PM EDT
I had one of these for my kids, it's hard to believe, great big things, now over here we have mountain buggies, made for all types of ground, even seen them jogging and pushing them.
Guest - Feb 02, 2007 02:05 AM EDT
Hi Alandra. I manage a baby goods store and we have one of these prams in our head office foyer. They are really quite expensive and a couple of our newer stores have been lucky to get one also for display purposes. Pedigree is also a make of pram here (not quite like these though).
Guest - Sep 24, 2006 02:04 AM EDT
thanks Don, it is a strange word, I agree. They are pretty neat prams, very good to wheel around, with those large wheels and springs.
Guest - Sep 23, 2006 09:20 PM EDT
That has to be the nicest looking Perambulator I've ever seen :-). Interesting, it does look like a high quality one and in very good shape. Neat capture, Don
Guest - Sep 23, 2006 08:52 PM EDT
thanks Golda, glad you like it, and nice that at least one person found the trivia useful lol. My Mum had a twin pram like this for my brother & sister, and she used to let me wheel them out in this great hulking pram, we lived on a steep hill, and I'd have to lean back and pull on the handle, so the pram didn't run away with me, LOL. I was about 7 at the time I guess.
Guest - Sep 23, 2006 08:02 PM EDT
Great shot Alandra,I always wondered what it was short for.I am an avid "Coronation St."fan,and really enjoy everything about the language and the culture.

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