The Cottage On The River In Alresford, Hampshire

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This, beautiful, little cottage holds special memories for me. It was one of the last places I visited with my parents.

The riverside walk is a delight and, straddling the River Arle or Alre, you will find the thatched timber-framed Fulling Mill, built in the 13th century. The riverside walk follows the route of the ford from which Alresford takes its name.

Fulling, or tucking, or walking ("waulking" in Scotland) is a step in woollen clothmaking, which involves the cleansing of cloth (particularly wool) to get rid of oils, dirt, and other impurities, and thickening it. The worker who does the job is a fuller, tucker or walker. Despite suggestions to the contrary, these processes are essentially identical.

From the medieval period, the fulling of cloth was often undertaken in a water mill, known as a fulling mill (also as walk mills or tuck mills).

Hope you enjoy this. :)


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Ivanugi - Apr 03, 2021 07:39 PM EDT
Jas - Aug 27, 2008 03:49 PM EDT
Hi Brian and Tania. Thanks for the nice comments. Am glad you both enjoyed viewing the photo' and information. Yes, Brian, it really is a peaceful setting and very picturesque. :)
TMR8 - Aug 26, 2008 05:25 PM EDT
Jas love the photo and the history lesson.
BRIANPADDOCK - Aug 19, 2008 06:39 PM EDT
That is the place that I would like to live in Jas,wonderful shot, so peaceful.
Jas - Aug 16, 2008 07:38 AM EDT
Thanks for your reply Mike and your encouragement. :)
GRUMPY - Aug 16, 2008 06:31 AM EDT
Hi jas thank you for being honest with your comments i agree i would love to visit here as it does look peacefull and tranquill i to am learning so any good bad or indifferent views are always welcomed keep up the good work though
Jas - Aug 15, 2008 12:52 PM EDT
Hi Mary, Mike and Carol. Thanks so much for all your comments and thoughts on this photo, I really appreciate it. I agree with you Mary, it does look like something from a story book and I just love the way it straddles the river, which is more visible from the rear view. :) Mike, We stopped here on our way back from London as we were too early to go straight to the ferry terminal. I agree with you about the 'washed out' part of the top centre of the photo'. Unfortunately, this was the direction the sunlight was coming from and as I wasn't going to be visiting again, anytime soon, I did the best I could with a bad situation. Please don't feel that I would be upset or offended by your comments; I'm here to learn and would rather hear what fellow artists really think about my images, than unfelt words that aren't really meant. So thanks for being honest. :) Carol, I'm sure you would just love visiting this cottage; the setting is just perfect and am sure it would be so quaint inside; I'd love to get a look myself! :)
shutterbug - Aug 15, 2008 06:15 AM EDT
Sooooo pretty, I would like to visit this charming cottage,lovely photo! Carol
GRUMPY - Aug 15, 2008 04:58 AM EDT
beautiful capture jas. i guess u been on your travels again lol.. am not perfect on my shots so please dont be offended or upset but the top centre of the photo just seems to be a little bright and washed out i understand lighting elements etc but hey am not a pro so what do i know eh lol kind regards mike
marysham - Aug 13, 2008 01:09 PM EDT
What a beautiful place Jas. It looks like something out of a storybook. It's nice that you were able to visit and photograph a place that holds special memories for you.

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